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"Self Defense Killing in Florida"

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I know from first hand experience how the news media works. And I know that what the news media says is probably not what happened. Not saying the guy is innocent. I'm just saying I don't know all the facts, and I'll hold off until I do. Thinking back to the days of frontier justice, its a known fact that more than a few innocent people were hung by lynch mobs based on the "local consensus".

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If thats true, he deserves the rope. You can't really trust the media to give you the actual facts though. Unless they show the video, I would be skeptical of it's existance.

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In Florida you cannot claim self- defense if you are actively pursuing someone. Phone records released yesterday clearly state Zimmerman was following the young man. Sure seems like Zimmerman was the aggressor. I am really curious to see how this plays out. Either way, it's not the kind of publicity any of us want.
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I live in south Florida and have been watching the events , I have to say watchman was wrong, the law in fl states you can not go after some one. Stand your ground means Stand where u are, not go looking for trouble. From the start this went bad for the watchman, there was no felony In progress at the time, a mater of moments, not thinking it though now will effect all of us. This kinda stuff is what anti gun people die to get on us, when being a ccw holder our actions speak for our hold group. Gun enthusist come in many differnt races so we're all going to pay for it. Just some food for thought. How ever the case turns out we already stirred the hornets nest.
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The Florida Senator who wrote the "stand your ground law" stated that he did not beieve that the "stand your ground" law would apply in the case.

However, he did say that the senate may have to revisit the law..............
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I'm with those who favor investigation before speculation. News report from here in Fla. said the shooter had a bloody nose and abrasion to the back of his head when the cops got there. Hard to believe if it looked like this guy had gunned down the kid for no good reason that they would have let him go home. But one thing's for certain: political hay will be made. Already calls for repealing state's "Stand Your Ground" law.
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We all have to remember the journalists will make this

story sound as sensationally one-sided as possible, in their

blind attempt to sell soap, dog food, and hard-on pills.

All the media cares about is it's ratings and market share...
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Read in the paper today (yes, the print version.) that the boy had his girlfriend on his cell phone during the pursuit. Here's the story I read.

The shooter was told by the 911 operator not to pursue. He ignored that advice and went so far as to confront the boy. The boy probably defended himself and that is how the shooter got bloodied up. All speculation at this point but it does not look good for anybody at this point. One boy killed for no apparent legitimate reason, one stupid neighborhood watch CCW holder who took himself way too seriously and his responsibility not seriously enough.

Anyhow, it is out of the local authorities' hands as it has become a Federal case.
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IF you can believe the media reports the guy should be drawn and quartered. Of course there is always the "rest" of the story that has not ben released. I find it interesting that no recent pics of the dead kid have been posted. All look like he is about 13. I wonder what he looked lke at 17? Thugnasty? or about the same. Maybe momma dd not have a more up to date pic?

Is it just me or does the shooter look like Chaz Bono?
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This guy has called 911 somewhere between 41-46 times since January 2011 to report suspicious behavior. When authorities told him to stop following the boy he responded with something along the lines of, "no these a$$ holes always hey away". I know my info is a bit vague. I read an article earlier and listened to the 911 calls earlier and dont remember specifics. If I can find the article I will post it here.
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