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"Self Defense Killing in Florida"

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Originally Posted by Vikingdad View Post
Again, he was half of the equation. To what degree? He will never be able to tell.

In my experience the safety of military housing is most compromised by the housing itself.
He may not be able to tell, but from other news stories I've read, there were witnesses to most of the event.

Granted, not his side of the story, but if Zimmerman was infact the initial aggressor (and no, keeping your eye on what you perceive to be a suspicious person does not make you an agressor), then someone would have seen it. The store clerk Martin just came from? Anyone else that was there at the time...

The one person I don't trust is the girlfriend. How do we know what she says he said was actually said? How does she know that what he was saying was truthful? There are too many unknowns.
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Regardless of why this happened you are innocent until you are found guilty by a jury of your peers. The mobs in the street making law is a break down of our justice system. What if you were to accidently run over some one and find yourself being judged by a "Sidewalk" court? The press that always calls for calm is fanning the flames. Their is a drum beat of lets hang him now and have a hearing after the funeral.
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Good news, the voice of reason has spoken:
Where there is no justice, there will be no peace. Soon the law of retaliation may very well be applied,
Yep, nothing like the calming voices of reason to help settle things down:

he Rev. Al Sharpton, an MSNBC host and liberal political figure, riled up a mostly-black Sanford, Fla., crowd on Thursday night in the wake of the killing of 17-year-old student Trayvon Martin.

Read more:
Yep, nothing to worry about now. These calming voices of reason will certainly help the situation.
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I like when the media uses the phrase "gunned down".
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i don't know if it was murder or not. One thing for sure; Zimmermam is a LEO wannabee and a blithering idiot. He disregarded the 911 dispatcher and continued to follow Martin. Somewhere along the line Zimmerman left his vehicle and followed Martin on foot. Zimmerman had no legal authority to chase or detain anyone: He initiated a confrontation.

The authors of the FL "stand your ground" law speak out.

Read more here:

The authors of Florida’s controversial Stand Your Ground law say the killer of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin probably should be arrested and doesn’t deserve immunity under the statute.

The comments from the Republican lawmakers came the same day state Sen. Oscar Braynon, D-Miami Gardens, urged the Florida Conference of Black State Legislators to call for the law to be repealed, amended or subject to legislative hearings. Trayvon’s mother lives in Braynon’s district.

But the lawmakers who crafted the legislation in 2005 — former Sen. Durell Peaden and current state Rep. Dennis Baxley —said the law doesn’t need to be changed. They believe it has been misapplied in the shooting death of Trayvon by a Sanford crime-watch captain, George Zimmerman.
The police didn't do Zimmerman a favor by refusing to arrest him: They did him an injustice. If Zimmerman is found innocent by a FL court he will be tried in federal court on hate crime charges.

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This is all so sad, that this has happened. I understand that all the facts are not in or yet or worse not investigated.
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This definitely does not look good for the law abiding gun owners at this point. Many reporters are having a heyday criticizing Florida's law, and are ripping the NRA over there backing of the law. I admit that this is far from over but based on what I know I feel ashamed of this incident and My heart goes out to the family. This could have been any ones child, forget the color altogether it shouldn't have anything to do with this incident. At a minimum the shooter should have been arrested and investigated. Pursuing the kid was obviously a lame idea and the actual use of the weapon should have been avoided, why it was used I obviously don't know but I hear that no weapons of any kind were recovered other than the pistol used.

I feel angry over this because initially this looks as if this was totally avoidable.
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Then if it's found that it's a Hate Crime.
Its Hispanic on Black. Not White on Black.
Since the black race is so prejudice towards whites and vise versa.

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Justice needs to prevail in this case above all else. What crossed my mind while looking through the post was what if this guy that did the shooting walks, whether he's innocent or guilty, what we may see something along the lines of the Rodney King riots. There seems to be quite a bit of racial tension and something like this could be the trigger that starts serious problems.
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Originally Posted by bountyhunter View Post
It's like everybody in the whole law enforcement chain can't run away from the case fast enough.
LEOs are among the most misunderstood, and a lot of times despised, members of our society. I would argue that these brave men and women are not running away from this case but are performing their jobs with honor in the pursuit of evidence and will follow that evidence where ever it leads regardless of what the court of public opinion is at the time.
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