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John_Deer 03-07-2013 12:27 AM

Pro-Self Defense Sheriff Apologizes for "Embarrassing" Police Chief Testimony
Ever wonder why police chiefs from big, crime ridden cities are always chosen to testify before the Senate about gun control while sheriffs are often ignored? Police chiefs are appointed. They simply serve as politicians and mouth pieces for their city councils and liberal mayors. This is the case in anti-self defense Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington D.C. Milwaukee etc. Sheriffs on the other hand are elected and represent the voices of the people they serve.

The Sheriff let the chief of police have it. Here is the rest of the story:

locutus 03-07-2013 03:09 AM

It's about time some of the big county sheriffs stood up.

CA357 03-07-2013 03:33 AM

He's a good man. Well said.

GTX63 03-07-2013 11:07 AM

Good to see things like that.

Garadex 03-07-2013 04:09 PM

I like this guy I wish he was the sheriff in my county.

Warrior1256 03-07-2013 11:28 PM

That's right. Police chiefs are appointed, therefore more likely to parrot the political views of the person who appointed him/her. A sheriff is elected by the people, more likely to tell you the truth of how he/she feels.

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