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teenagegunnut 03-19-2012 12:23 AM

Pro 2nd amendment democrats.
hey are there any of u guys or gals out there. feel free to post photos of guns and stuff. eager to hear what you think about decision 2012

rigjumpr 03-19-2012 12:32 AM


Originally Posted by teenagegunnut (Post 744488)
hey are there any of u guys or gals out there. feel free to post photos of guns and stuff. eager to hear what you think about decision 2012

lrchops 03-19-2012 03:45 AM

Pro second ammendment democrats???? Common guy!! The Democrat party is hell bent on destroying the US Constitution and making honest men into criminals with insane gun laws and gun bans.

If Obama and his wife are re-elected, everyone better buy lots of ammunition.

Did you know that Obama's wife wears a size 18 mens shoe!

tonydewar 03-19-2012 04:05 AM

anyone except ? be carefull what you wish for

2ndAmendmentFreedom 03-19-2012 07:44 AM

Unfortunately it isn't a generalization to say that all (or 99.9%) of democrat candidates are anti gun. Now there are some ordinary citizens who own guns and claim to be democrats. To me these people are just too lazy to look into politics and fail to realize how they're being deceived. It doesn't take a smart person to see a big difference between the respect Obama pretends to have for the 2nd Amendment and the legislation he supports. This guy is a manipulator, he'll say whatever the public wants to hear, he'll twist words or use vague phrases so that whatever he says can be interpreted either way and people can hear what they want to hear. Modern democrats believe that the government should be providing for everyone, a society of entitlement: money, security, job stability etc. They know that their policies are hurting and upsetting people and they fear armed revolutions/rebellions which is why they're so determined on restricting gun ownership as much as possible; it's not to keep you safe, it's to keep THEM and their throne safe. Now what I'm saying also applies to some mainstream republicans, but there are far many less than democrats. The whole idea of global healthcare, high taxes etc, in other words socialism is to keep people dependent on the government and unable to fight back in two different ways:
-They wouldn't bite the hand that feeds them, they couldn't cut their own lifeline
-Even if some brave ones were willing to make the sacrifice of their comfort and wanted to fight back, it'd be hard to acquire weapons and create a movement big enough that could trump the establishment
Being a democrat gun owner is like saying I'm a non-Jesus believer Christian. This is not meant to be taken personally, we'll be more than happy to open your eyes and make you realize that you're not really as democrat as you think you are. I don't even really consider myself a republican, but to the average person I am republican since my beliefs are much closer to theirs. If you own a gun you're already on the right track because you believe in the right to defend your property and your loved ones, a value that is not shared among democrats who want you to wait for the police and who would prosecute you for hurting a robber/murderer/...

rigjumpr 03-19-2012 09:57 AM


Originally Posted by tonydewar (Post 744777)
anyone except ? be carefull what you wish for:confused:

Can you elaborate a little more? I will cast my vote for the best candidate that is not BHO, if this would be a perfect world we would have a candidate w/ little r = less government intrusion onto our personnel lives, lower taxes, less spending so on and so forth……..not to mention abide by the Constitution.

alsaqr 03-19-2012 11:50 AM

Its true that most Democrat politicians in DC are anti-gunners. Contrary to popular belief Republican politicians do not have a monopoly on support for our Second Amendment rights. In 2004 the US senate passed an extension of the AWB. Ten Republican senators supported extension of the AWB: Six Democrats, including Harry Reid, opposed.

In 1994 the "assault weapons ban" passed the US house by a vote of 216-214. 38 Republicans, including the Republican minority leader, voted for the AWB. 76 Democrats voted against the AWB. In 1994 former president Reagan joined Ford, Carter and Clinton in supporting the AWB. At least two Republicans changed their minds and voted for the AWB after Reagan asked them to: That put it over the top.

More on the "gunowners champion", Ronald Reagan:

1. As governor of CA, Reagan signed the Mulford Act into law; outlawing the carry of loaded guns in public.
2. In 1984 Reagan was the first president to outlaw a long gun citing "the sporting purposes" clause of the GCA 1968. He did it again in 1986. Reagans decision was cited by Bush I, Clinton and Obama when they banned guns from import.
3. Then Reagan supported the AWB. "Gunowners champion", my a$$.

Clem 03-19-2012 01:54 PM

It is a generalization to say that all Dems are against the 2nd Amendment, and all Repubs are for it. There are a few Dems in both the House and Senate that favor the 2nd Amendment and certainly some Repubs who are against it. The problem is when push comes to shove, and arms are twisted, the Dems will probably go along with their rabidly Antigun Dem leadership. The only good news here is that enough of both parties have been burned and thrown out of office to make the 2nd Amendment an issue they don’t want to touch. As Senator Dirksen famously said many years ago, when I feel the heat, I see the light.

thdrduck 03-21-2012 02:06 PM

No matter who or what they are, they are for or against anything that will get them elected, period.

Misfire 03-21-2012 03:09 PM

I don't get wrapped up in the democrat vs republican thing. Meaningless labels. For the record, I am politically conservative. But I know democrats who are far more conservative than some republicans. And the other way around. I rank political parties right up their with organized religions. Nice idea. But if you lift the hood and look at the engine, you'll find they all run on the same fuel (money/power) and they all serve one purpose and one purpose only. Themselves.

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