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'The President Is Already Lining Up Some Additional Executive Actions' for Guns

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I love it when liberals have fits!
Ain't no party like a Libertarian party
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Well now a days it just dont pay to be a good ole boy
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The Apocalypse Is Coming.....
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IMO, i say to expect some sneaky and underhanded plays by the Obama administration here in the near future. he will lick his wounds and come up with something devious and strike at us again. as long as that poser is in office, we can never allow ourselves to let our guard down.

and as usuall he will lay the blame on others. never once to consider that he himslf might be wrong about what the American people want or need.
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This is the time to be most cautious;When you deny the progressives their toys it's like being in a narrow,short,deep ditch with a rabid dog and a t-bone steak in your pocket.
(wow!..I believe I've finally arrived at the perfect description of Diane Frightstein)
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Originally Posted by rocshaman View Post
That 90% poll is pure BS. It was originally conducted by MSN and only included 6 states, all blue states, all voted for Obama.
90% is the Democrats buzzword for the day. If they say it enough times then it becomes fact. It was a stratagem of Hitler's back in the '30's.
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Let me explain to y'all the REAL purpose of 90%.

It is not just an arbitrary number a biased news source with a biased poll came up with in biased states.

It doesn't really reflect any real demographic, and is not intended to.

Look at this from a psychological standpoint. 90%....
If 90% of people want something, then what does that make the other 10%? Abnormal. What has mankind demonstrated time and again that they hate? Difference.

This is another division tactic. By painting this fabled 90% as peace loving, trustworthy, reasonable and responsible, "true Americans"... They are painting the fabled 10% as abnormal. Different. Selfish and greedy (anyone recall all those statements about the "fat cats" on Wall Street? Hmmm, sound familiar?) He's trying to make gun owners out to be unreasonable and irresponsible. Violent, or with violent desires and tendencies.

It's an attempt to make the pro gun lobby appear as evil entities only interested in serving their own interests of ensuring violence remains in our streets and our schools.

Y'all need to understand. This number, this 90%, has very little to do with being an appeal to a people's reason. It has more to do with sowing hate and discontent among the populace, by illustrating us gun owners as undesirable.

This is psychological warfare.
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Axx. Obama will become President of the U.N. He is a leftest of African ancestral roots. The U.N. prefers a leader of this calling. The Euro-Socialist need a stalking horse to hid behind.
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Originally Posted by axxe55 View Post
let him keep digging his own political grave. the one that ends up getting him impeached and run out of office, tarred and feathered!

just on a curious note, i just wonder what job Obama would be looking for when he's done being president?
He will go back home to Kenya, the place of his birth, to become a king.
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BHO's arrogance and ego will continue to feed his actions. His past actions of executive orders that hampered investigations into the Fast & Furious scenario and the administrations smoke screens obscuring the truth in the Benghazi disaster are examples of his MO.
The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples' money.

Margaret Thatcher
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They have a better article on foxnews and what they are talking about is what those fk wits should have been doing already. Its stuff like adding people that are known problems already adjudicated threats to the nics system.

Right now lots of states arent adding people because the feds block them from adding certain felons like sex offenders and adjudicated mentally ill to the roles that only commit crimes that are state related or are recognized as ill by court order but not committed due to lack of bed space.

The mental issues not being added are ones like lanza or elderly who are court ordered to have legal guardianship status due mental decay. Think old man walking down the road looking for german snipers in clock towers.

Itswhat the damn president should have been doing instead of trying to remove constitutional rights of free commerce.
"Gun control: The theory that a woman found dead in an alley, raped and strangled with her panty hose, is somehow morally superior to a woman explaining to police how her attacker got that fatal bullet wound." L. Neil Smith

The problem with being stupid is you cannot simply decide to stop doing dumb things...

"I crapped my pants to avoid the draft!!" -Ted Nugent
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He needs tried for treason against the United States Constitution.
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