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Police to search for guns in homes

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Default searches

That is just the problem, parents do not want to be parents. They will give up all kinds of rights because they are too spineless to do the right thing. The nanny state is wittling away at our rights with "reasonable" intrusions in exchange for increased security. Parents man up? 90% cannot/will not man up to anything.
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This should work out OK for the poorer side of town, gonna be real funny when it is tried on someone who can afford a good attorney!
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A new "community policing" tecnique to circumvent the 4th amendment, or taking responsibility off the parent and making the police raise someone else's kids? I wonder if there's anyone involved in this program that thinks it's a good idea. By involved I don't mean any of he politicians or adminstrators. If the police have more "tips" on what a kid is doing than the parents do, maybe it's time for the parents wake up.
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Default Search ??

ONCE YOU OPEN DOOR EVEN, YOU HAVE GIVEN UP YOUR RIGHTS.sooner or later the bars being down the police will move forward to the next stage.
parents dont disipline their kids because social service will bring in police against parents for abuse. more problems arise because of social agencies interfearance.

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[QUOTE=WILDCATT;14202]ONCE YOU OPEN DOOR EVEN, YOU HAVE GIVEN UP YOUR RIGHTS.sooner or later the bars being down the police will move forward to the next stage.

This is true, at least until arraignment, and if you can't afford a good attorney jail time might be in your immediate future.
I had a problem with a pissed-off neighbor a couple years ago. Every weekend she'd call the police on me all day long. Of course they would only come out once or twice a day and after a few weekends they woudn't come out (for her) at all. As soon as she would see me outside (over the weekend) she would start cussing me out, I'd know the cops were on the way, I'd just go inside, get the TV all set up and get comfortable where nobody could spot me inside the house. When the knock would come at the front door, I'd know I was home free- Just ignore it, the cops will go away! It really is just that simple, Police are busy individuals and they have no business or right to attempt entry into your residense without a search warrant. I would just ignore the knocking till they leave, then I'd go on back outside &try to finish up my project before the ol' biddy could call the cops again! Worked like a charm!
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They'll do it until they run up against someone willing to really fight for their 2nd Amendment rights and they have a shootout. Then of course it will be a horrible gun nut killing cops. Hmmmm is this really what they want? Remember it's Boston, home of the Liberal gun grabbers!
"An unarmed man can only flee from evil, but evil is not overcome by fleeing from it"

Jeff Cooper
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Originally Posted by jeepejeep View Post
They'll do it until they run up against someone willing to really fight for their 2nd Amendment rights and they have a shootout. Then of course it will be a horrible gun nut killing cops. Hmmmm is this really what they want? Remember it's Boston, home of the Liberal gun grabbers!

Come On, they do No-Knock Search Warrants all the time, people exchange gun fire and the Police don't really give a damn. I remember a no-knock served on an elderly lady last year, she heard somebody kicking in her front door, started shooting, right through the door! Cops returned fire and killed Grandma!
Stupid&Desperate for the Cops to believe a criminal who is desperate to get off and then swears that he or she Knows Something- Seems to get a lot of innocent people hurt or killed. WTF would an Authority Figure (Cop) believe a lying Sack of Sh&t Criminal in the first place??!!
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Default wish it were possible

Firearms in possession during the commission of a felony, including brandishing or threatening...automatic 10 year sentence tacked on to the penalty for the crime.

Firearms fired during the commission of a felony, only if the shots did not injure any victims...automatic 20 years added.

Firearms used to injure during a felony...automatic life sentence.

Fireams used to take a life during a felony....well, you know what that should be.

No plea bargains, no early parole.

On the flip side, legal possession of fireams of any type made available to those responsible individuals who wish to possess them for their own use with the owners made responsible for the security and use of that weapon.
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Now I might get a lot of **** for this, especially because I'm new, but i have a slightly different opinion.

Many of my friends don't like guns, and I always argue that a) its my right to own a gun b) that its my responsibility to own a gun and c) that we should not worry about responsible gun owners we should worry about irresponsible gun owners.

To expand on my last point I always tell my friends that a large percent of gun crimes are committed with illegal firearms by criminals. My thought is that the solution should be relaxed gun laws with very harsh gun sentencing for criminals.

Frankly, I see taking the guns out of the ghettos as a good thing. I want my rights, and I think this a bit overboard but I think they are trying to do the right thing.

I have lived in both Massachusetts and Florida. I think about getting a job in Boston and shiver when I think about all the hassle I will have to go through to get permits and licenses and blah blah blah. Every trip home I drive by a big anti-gun billboard that reads, "we have your congress and your president - nra." i grit my teeth and then! i get a huge **** eating grin. haha.

now on the other hand im currently living in Florida. Here I just walk into a gun shop and there you go, I have a new gun. Lax gun laws but the crime rate is much higher. Last week one person was killed on my block and a police officer was gunned down about 4 blocks away from me. It was all over the news, I'm sure you saw.

I just don't know where I stand on gun control sometimes. I may be naive, but I think I stand somewhere in the middle.
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Police limit searches for guns
Opposition from residents is strong; Invited into homes without warrants
Globe Staff / March 25, 2008

Boston police officials, surprised by intense opposition from residents, have significantly scaled back and delayed the start of a program that would allow officers to go into people's homes and search for guns without a warrant.
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The program, dubbed Safe Homes, was supposed to start in December, but has been delayed at least three times because of misgivings in the community. March 1 was the latest missed start date.

One community group has been circulating a petition against the plan. Police officials trying to assuage residents' fears have been drowned out by criticism at some meetings with residents and elected officials.

Officers may begin knocking on doors this week, officials said yesterday, but instead of heading into four troubled neighborhoods, as they had planned, officers will target only one, Egleston Square in Jamaica Plain, where police said they have received the most support.

Police would ask parents or legal guardians for permission to search homes where juveniles ages 17 and under are believed to be holding illegal guns. Police would only enter homes into which they have been invited and, once inside, would only search the rooms of the juveniles.

The goal, said Elaine Driscoll, spokeswoman for the Boston Police Department, would be getting weapons off the streets, rather than making arrests.

But critics say that the searches are unconstitutional and that police will not guarantee that residents would face no criminal charges if guns or drugs were found.

Commissioner Edward F. Davis has been taken aback by the criticism. Davis promoted Safe Homes as a voluntary program that would help overwhelmed, frightened parents and guardians by removing guns from their homes without fear of prosecution.

"I would say that the police commissioner has been a bit surprised by those that are not in favor," Driscoll said. "We're genuinely trying to save lives."

But for many of the 100 people who packed the Roxbury Family YMCA last Thursday to talk about the plan, the goal of the program was overshadowed by tactics they called invasive and misleading.

"Police are like vampires. They shouldn't be invited into your homes," said Jamarhl Crawford, chairman of the New Black Panther Party in Roxbury, who moderated the meeting.

"Vampires are polite; they're smooth," he said in an interview the following day. "But once they get in, the door closes. Havoc ensues."

Other comparisons have been no more favorable.

"The community doesn't want this," Lisa Thurau-Gray, managing director of the Juvenile Justice Center at Suffolk University Law School, said at the meeting. She likened the police persistence to a sexual aggressor who refuses to stop assaulting a victim despite her pleas. "What part of no don't they understand?" she said.

Police officials have said the searches would be based on tips from the community, including neighbors, school officials, and even the parents of the child. The officers searching homes would be members of units that patrol schools and who have visited the houses of teenagers as part of Operation Homefront, which is meant to help build better relationships between troubled children and their families.

If police were to find a gun in a home, they would keep the discovery confidential under most circumstances, police have said.
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Officers would not tell officials at the child's school or public housing authorities, unless they believed the discovery amounted to a "public safety emergency," which Driscoll said would happen if police found a plan to use the gun at school or a hit list.

A child would not be charged with gun possession if a firearm were found. But police have said that if the firearm were connected to a crime, charges against the child could be filed.

Sarah Wunsch, a staff attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union who has attended meetings about the plan, said those warnings are unnerving.

"People on the street may say: 'This is great. I'm letting them in,' " she said. "But those are the people I'm concerned about, because they haven't been educated about the hazards."

She said residents of public housing could risk losing their homes if police reported finding a firearm to housing authorities.

Supporters of the program said they are fully aware of the risks of the program and frustrated by the critics, who they believe are misinforming the public.

Police "would support any family that cooperated with the police and oppose their eviction," said Bob Francis, chairman of the Academy/Bromley/Egleston Safety Task Force, a neighborhood group that represents parts of Jamaica Plain and Roxbury.

"There wouldn't be any report that that gun was found on the property," he said.

True-See Allah, a former gang member who now works for the Nation of Islam, said people who worry that their children may face a jail sentence if a gun is found should consider the alternatives.

"It's one year to 18 months versus trips to Mount Hope Cemetery every year," said Allah. "Eighteen-month sentence versus death."

His organization supports the program as long as police are honest about their motives, said Allah, assistant to Don Muhammad, minister of Muhammad's Mosque Number 11 in Dorchester.

Allah acknowledged that his group is in the minority within the community. "Sometimes doing the right thing is unpopular and I think that's where we are today," he said.
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