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Open Carry and the Police

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Like I said it boils down to proper training of LEO's!
And mama griz you are correct!
An armed society is not always a polite society, but it is a free and safe society!
Self Defense is an absolute and natural right!
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Originally Posted by AFerree View Post
Ok, so I have been watching so videos on YouTube about people who open carry and they get stopped by the police. It seems like every time the police ask for identification the open carriers plead the 5th and won't show ID. Any particular reason? Just asking out of curiosity.
There is no requirement to show their ID unless they are being charged with a crime. Suspected illegal aliens can't be asked for ID unless they are being charged with a crime so why should a law abiding citizen be required to do so.....
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Originally Posted by rjd3282 View Post
Somehow some of you guys just seem to miss the point. If it's legal then what's the problem with doing it. WTF?
If it is legal and the OC is not being a douchebag and carrying to the local mall looking for a confrontation then there is no problem at all. The problem is that there were a bunch of douchebags here in CA who suddenly realized that open carry of unloaded firearms is legal (personally, I never saw the point in displaying an unloaded firearm. WTF is the reason for that?) so they went out and started getting all activist to prove nothing that needed proving by carrying in the local malls, coffee shops and whatnot looking for an encounter with the police. When you do that in liberal, anti-gun CA a whole bunch of people call 911 and complain, so the cops are obligated to respond and make contact with the douche who sometimes reacts by being even more of a douche. More often than not the douche had a camera rolling when the cops arrived.

Originally Posted by rjd3282 View Post
Your whining about losing a right you didn't want in the first place. That makes no sense.
Wrong. I am "whining" about losing a right that the OC douchebags caused to be taken away from me. Damned right I am pissed off at them. Because of them I cannot carry my gun with a legitimate reason in public.

What those dumbass douchebags did was exactly like jumping into the ocean off of the Farallon Islands wearing a bloody Tuna carcass ( and expecting the Great White Sharks to leave you alone because you "have the right" to do something stupid. California is nothing like where you live Pal. The general populace is absolutely terrified of guns and when they see one they panic. When people start coming out of the woodwork OCing in places where you would not expect it to happen, they panic and call 911. The next call they make is to the State representatives and then they start with the emails and protests to get the law changed in order to outlaw the practice.

That is what, in fact, happened here in CA over the past year and a half.

Thanks a lot douchebags. You did nothing to advance gun rights in our state, you set us back. Dickheads.

Originally Posted by 7point62 View Post
The point is attitude. A lot of guys who Open Carry are looking for a confrontation. They want their "Patrick Henry" moment. When you swagger around the mall with a gun on your hip daring somebody to give you some sh*t, you're not doing any gun rights cause much good.

Because legal or otherwise the reality is that we have to deal with that half of the population that doesn't like guns and doesn't understand why you feel the need to wear one in public. And as long as it's controversial it'll be confrontational.
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So your mad because you can't be an OC douchebag too? Are listening to yourself? You're angry because you don't have the right to do what you were to chicken sh!t to do in the first place.

I don't OC except in the woods but it's none of my business if someone else wants to. 2A says we have the right to keep and bear arms. It doesn't say we have that right only if we hide it under our clothing or as long as it doesn't frighten somebody.
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Originally Posted by chuckusaret View Post
There is no requirement to show their ID unless they are being charged with a crime. Suspected illegal aliens can't be asked for ID unless they are being charged with a crime so why should a law abiding citizen be required to do so.....
Once again, Disorderly Conduct, Menacing, Disturbing the Peace, etc (depending on what yoru jurisdiction calls it) ARE CRIMES. If you are suspected of comitting one of those crimes, YES you do have to show ID or verbally identify yourself!

In most jurisdictions traffic offenses are criminal. You are stoped for speeding, running a red light or expired registration, you have to show your license.

I think some folks need to stop reading Prison Planet's web site and step away from the anti-government propaganda.

This thread has taken a left turn and some folks are all too enthusiasic to ride it over the cliff. We're done.
In life, strive to take the high road....It offers a better field of fire.
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