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Sniper03 02-04-2013 10:45 PM

O Showboating once again!
Today! "Once Again" the administration is politicking and still on the campaign trail to hinder our Second Amendment Rights. Let me see! Last month it was the children on the stage during his address regarding guns and Sandy Hook! Today, it was law enforcement officers as a "total backdrop" behind him. Like they all were supporting him in the eyes of the public.:rolleyes: If you noticed, hardly any smiled, shook their head, or even acknowledged his comments. That is because no doubt the majority of them were detailed (Assigned) there by their agencies at the request of the White House to to look good and seemingly support the Pres's cause. That of attacking our Second Amendment Rights. I know for experience how they attempt to manipulate the public. But not all of us are ignorant! Let me tell you the majority of law enforcement in this country support our Second Amendment 100%. Despite what the liberals and the Chief of Police Association would want you to believe! O is too busy on his anti gun agenda! And "once again" not at all focused on the "real causes" caused by social issues, violence and mental illness which in every case has influenced "Every" terrible occurrence. I just wish for once he would stop campaigning, trying to be a King or whatever and be a President for a change. He certainly would not want to offend his liberal friends in the movie industry who support him with millions of dollars!
He keeps bypassing Congress and there is real trouble brewing. One Congressman who sent me a signed communication which put him in another category advising he was becoming a ___________! And the title was not President!
So he is getting ready to have some serious problems within the government by bypassing Congress and the proper processes by just randomly doing it through "HIS" Executive orders on anything that doesn't go his way! Kind of like screw the system I am ???????. Kind of sounds like the Congressman is on track!
I believe he eventually will go down as the worst President in US History. Oh and by the way this statement has nothing to do with race! I think of Herman Cain, or possible Colin Powell before he sold out would have been good Presidents. And certainly better than what we have now. That is only my prediction. And I would like to think otherwise! But we will see?
For all of us middle class Americans, did your taxes just go up or am I mistaken!

Anyway we need to be vigil about protecting our Second Amendment Rights. The proposed changes are only effecting the good law abiding Americans. And we have the right to defend ourselves and that includes 20 & 30 Round Magazines, AR and similar rifles and pistols.

Warrior1256 02-04-2013 11:32 PM

It was the same with Clinton. He used cops as a back drop when he was doing his antigun appearances. Several of them said that they were simply pulled off duty and told to report.

locutus 02-05-2013 03:33 AM

Most of the officers standing behind the Slickmeister didn't want to be there, but they were ordered by their political chiefs.

nitestalker 02-05-2013 03:46 AM

It is working. He is hiding from the rise in the unemployment numbers. The numbers are up the Drive By Media is pandering to his ban on sheet metal boxes. He has disbanded his New Jobs group, where is his investigations into the dead diplomats and illegal guns to Mexico?
This Joke has stayed in D.C. too long. He is going to be found out. He will end up a study as a failed presidency in American history.:(

tido 02-05-2013 02:56 PM

What do you think the officers will do when their political chiefs want them to arrest you for owning illegal guns? Their families will still need that paycheck.

Sniper03 02-08-2013 01:39 PM

Fortunately, we have a lot of Chiefs, Sheriffs and Officers who will be totally reluctant to do anything about it or "See any illegal Guns" if you understand what I am saying, unless a crime is committed using the guns and someone rubbed them in their faces. I know a lot of them that simply say they will not enforce such an illegal law that violates the US Constitution. There are several hundred Sheriff's at the present time that in writing stated they will not enforce any such law because it is illegal itself and against the Constitution of the United States. So there may be a few idiots that would do such a thing but I guess they will just have to face the music should it come to that! I am retired now from LE but I will tell you I would not have enforced any such illegal act. One might say I could become very unobservant and possible blind if you know what I mean. And since it would be an illegal act against the Constitution of the United States and the Citizens of the United States simply stated, they could KMA! And all LE Officers and Military personnel should adopt this attitude because it would be an illegal order. And make a determination, if they are going to be a political manipulated sheep or going to stand up for the United States and the Constitution?
God Bless America and our "Good" Law Enforcement Officers and Military who have some kahunas! And will stand up for America and what is legal and not the corrupt politicians issuing illegal orders and violating the Constitution of the United States!


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