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The NRA, Poop Creek and A Missing Paddle

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Along those same lines, find my posting on the matter here :


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Ditto, RossA

Y'all shouldn't have a knee jerk reaction to the NRAs decision. They are going to be around regardless of your thoughts or your membership. And they will still lobby for gun rights...
To err is Human, to forgive Divine
Neither is Marine Corps policy.

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Originally Posted by RossA View Post
I've had my share of major differences with the NRA over the years, and I can't stand Dirty Harry Reid, but just to keep things in perspective, you have to remember this:
The NRA is a "single issue" group. Many NRA members are conservative in most areas, but the NRA doesn't concern itself with those areas. It doesn't get involved in gay rights, abortion, taxes, etc. It has the single purpose of addressing Second Amendment issues.
When you look at Reid's voting record, he actually stacks up pretty well in this area, therefore he gets the NRA's support. The fact that he totally sucks as a left wing nut case in other areas doesn't affect the NRA's decision to back him based upon his gun rights record.
Overall, I think that Reid does more harm than good, but that's not how the NRA makes its choices. They look at gun votes alone. Maybe that's not the best way to do it, but the NRA doesn't label itself a "conservative" lobbying group, but a Second Amendment lobbying group.
Just my .02 worth.
Ross, I agree with you 100% BUT . . . How can anyone support the 2nd Amendment and allow the first to be compromised? Or for that mater any part of the Constitution? To me it is in complete contradiction, one either embraces the Constitution and accepts it as is in it's entirety or one doesn't. And remember this is the cretan that says health care is a right and I'll be danged if I can find that anywhere in the Constitution.
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Kimber, in principle I totally agree with you. In practice I'm just saying what the NRA's position is. While I can understand the "single issue" logic, I don't necessarily agree with it myself.
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What concerns me is that the NRA bothers to endorse any candidate at all. Just give or provide the information about their voting record and let the electorate decide.

I sent an email to NRA requesting clarification on this and they have decided to act like Congress and not respond.

People get the government they deserve.
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Well said RossA!!!
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Default The NRA is about Firearms Freedom, nothing else

Listen to Ross A. He's a Texan . If all you NRA bashers and quiters abandon the NRA, you may as well hand your firearms over today to Diane Feinstein or Chuck Schumer or Carolyn McCarthy or......(pick your favorite anti-gunnner) because you won't have them long anyway. You can weigh all of your important political priorities and decide whether or not to take the NRA's advice. But do not dilute the focus of the NRA on our firearm freedoms. If the NRA tried to satisfy all political persuasions and opinions, it would be as ineffective as the politicians themselves. The NRA gets my money because I know exactly what I am buying and that is at least a couple of ammo cans full of anti-gunner ammunition.
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Default nra/reid

Vote for him or dont NRA is just saying which candidat
e is know to be tyhe most 2nd amendment friendly. I think Harry Reid sucks but I dont blame NRA for supporting him based on his voting record for 2nd amendment rights.
Live free or die. Democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding what is for dinner. Liberty is a well armed lamb. I will give up my guns but I insist on being the last man to do so. John 3:16,10:10 Acts 11:7
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My support for the NRA remains just as strong today as it did the day I decided to become a life member. There is not an organization in the world that makes the right decisions 100% of the time. I totally agree with RossA's posts and urge everyone to restrain from burning your bra's and jockstraps over this issue.

It would be intersting to know just how the millions of members stack up on this Reid issue.
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If the NRA supports Reid. I will never buy from them again. Will never give a gift membership again. I will find the next REAL 2nd Amendment support group and back them.

The NRA has been infiltrated by Liberals and the backing of Reid is proof.

Just my opinion. I understand that they look at how Reid has backed the 2nd Amend, but he has gone sooooo far the wrong way on everything else. They think we should vote for him because of the 2an Amen and when he gets back in to office he will work hard to screw us on every other front to the point that we have no rights including and especially the 2nd Amend.
Reid is a liberal left nut job, everyone knows it. They know it. And I have no doubt that he votes the way he does with Nancy's blessings just so they can have a mole on the favorable side of the NRA.
The NRA is either gullible, blind or infiltrated.

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