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FreedomFighter69 11-05-2010 08:52 AM

My Encounter with one of the Pinhead Idiot Cowards !!!!
Well my gut was right again for it has never failed me once ! It was someone from that liberal street who called the cops on me for wearing camos.
It's one of three people who did it and I encountered one up my street yesterday.
I don't believe she was the caller, but she damn well knows who is the caller !
I asked her nonchalantly if she knew what happened the other night.
She responded with saying that she "heard" that there was a guy walking around in camos waving a gun around. I then told her it was me and what the Police did and that I was unarmed. Guess what the first thing out of her mouth was, "That was you ! ""Well you know you shouldn't really wear the camos outside and people think your a threat or a tough guy or looking for trouble ect, ect. That's when I let it out ! I asked "What are you trying to tell me, that I can't wear what I want ? She says uhh, no but maybe you should break the camo up like just wear the pats or just the jacket with regular clothes. I said' yea, your saying that I can't wear what I want ! Then I told her what it was like and what I went through. I mentioned that I could bring the accuser up on charges for making false accusations, trying to threaten my right to life, liberty, and happiness just because im not like your little click, and mental anguish, strife, and psychological trauma!" Well that's when that skinny Bitch started walking away. While she was leaving I said to her that, "I'd like to see my accuser face to face at least. So I could tell them all the hell they put me through for nothing and how this is a free country and that I have the right to wear what I want, that this isn't a Communist State, and that I will not look for revenge or start trouble, but that I want to know who my accuser is so I know who my enemies are, and that I know to stay far away from her and with the people she associates ! " She just kept walking and waved bye like, no big deal. Oh wait, she also said that things like that happen. Well they didn't happen until these dopey, dumbass liberal cowards moved around here and decided to get a neighborhood watch/civic association together ! {And Believe me it's more a civic association. They're gonna fight the criminals with brooms !} I lived in this hood for 11 years and never had a problem like this one ! I just hope these idiots stay far away from me and that my next door neighbor or neighbor across the street who knows some of them, never talk about them in front of me because I will have something derogatory to say ! They could all Kiss My Left and Right nut and the tree in between !

orangello 11-05-2010 08:59 PM

It seems like that could've gone better.

I wish you the best of luck in getting along with your new neighbors. Alternatively, property prices in MS are not unreasonable, and camo is not an unusual fashion choice down here, especially this time of year.

FreedomFighter69 11-05-2010 09:45 PM

I know. An apology from the person who made the ridiculous accusation would be the proper thing to do if they were a human being. But they aren't proper nor human, so I guess im s#!t out of luck ! This really Sucks !

orangello 11-05-2010 09:54 PM


Originally Posted by FreedomFighter69 (Post 381218)
I know. An apology from the person who made the ridiculous accusation would be the proper thing to do if they were a human being. But they aren't proper nor human, so I guess im s#!t out of luck ! This really Sucks !

What if the person you spoke with wasn't the one who called the cops or worse, only heard about the situation after the fact? (I'm not trying to give you a hard time; sorry if it comes across that way. My people skills aren't the best, especially in print.)

Seriously though, your place in Philly could probably buy you a nice lil house in a less populated area. Knoxville TN Real Estate, Knoxville Real Estate, Knoxville Tennessee Real Estate

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Nice area if you can stand the black bears, and a bit more scenic than muddy MS.

FreedomFighter69 11-05-2010 10:16 PM

I know she didn't call the cops, but she knows who did call. She's part of their little click.
She was also one of the two people standing on that porch when I had walked by in my camos and stopped to talk to my friend about 25 yards away facing them. I know it was either the girl who owned the house she walked into, or the neighbor who lives across the street from them, the one who always gave me dirty looks for no reason. Im not a detective but I do know how to put two and two together, and I have a gift for reading people pretty good. That's just a natural instinct but I also have martial arts training and that's just one of the mental aspects about it. Believe me, after you live in this town for 40 years you get what the Marines call the 1000 yard stare. You get pretty wise to your surroundings and people very quickly. Im not lashing back at you my friend, I know it's hard to express feelings on a screen or peice of paper. Just trying to give you an idea about who I am, and that I've done my homework already. Just from patroling the hood, I learned 5 times more about these people. Some good, most bad. It's only the younger, yuppie liberal women. There aren't no guys with these women, the one's with guys are cool.

orangello 11-05-2010 11:19 PM


Originally Posted by FreedomFighter69 (Post 381244)
There aren't no guys with these women, the one's with guys are cool.

Ah, perhaps their true issue is becoming clear; they need a man to keep them centered (and satisfied ;) ).

cpttango30 11-06-2010 02:11 AM

after reading both accounts I have to ask. Why were you wearing full camo anyways? I personally don't wear it unless I am hunting or when I was in the Army. I understand you can wear what you want, but if you seen a guy in pink hot pants would not the first thought in your mind be "HE'S GAY". People see you in full camo and think he is a bad person no matter what you really are.

Please tell me you have shirts with sleeves and not some redneck ass BDU top with the sleeves cut off.

RJMercer 11-06-2010 02:36 AM

I know it's easy to say on the internet being that I wasnt there... but try not to sweat it too much. There are some people that cant be reasoned with or educated or in the case of your neighbor, spoken to like a civilized reasonable intelligent human being. They just tend to run away from reasonable normal people.
I live next to a couple from the inner city (bad part) of Chicago that migrated to the country. Obviously before they knew what country life was about. I see the sherrif or a deputy every time I have to kill a nuisance varmint (coyote, skunk, racoon). I got to where I call in directly after I do what I have to do so the sherrif or deputy knows what he's driving into before he gets here so he can keep his weapon holstered and his heart rate down. It's not his fault my neighbors are idiots. I have yet to hear one kind word from them for killing the varmints and keeping thier pretty little fuzzy rat of a dog from becoming coyote poo. Just dirty looks and snide comments about how loud my guns are. Try explaining wild dogs, rabies, and scavengers to liberal city dwellers? HA!

winds-of-change 11-06-2010 03:33 AM


Originally Posted by FreedomFighter69 (Post 381244)
There aren't no guys with these women, the one's with guys are cool.

I am a single female living alone. I tend to befriend the kind of men that I think will come to my aid should I need some help, not torment them. Though I guarantee you I have been tormented by a 'gangsta wanna be' neighbor who would never think to harrass the neighborhood women who have men living with them. I was an easy target since he knew no one would come kick his head in for me. It was a very tough few years. I would not go out in my own yard when he was out. He called me names and threatened my sons when they got older. When I called the police on him it just ticked him off and made things worse. Finally, he tried to entice my oldest son into a fight. The police came and charges were pressed against him. He went to court and paid a fine. Things only got better when he FINALLY stopped drinking and doing drugs though he still screams at his wife and kids and hits his wife. What I wouldn't have done at that point in my life to have a man friend who would help me out of this bullying situation. I was afraid of this neighbor and he knew it.

gatopardo 11-06-2010 03:36 AM


It was someone from that liberal street who called the cops on me for wearing camos
What is it with people calling anything they don't like "liberals".

I'm a darn liberal, I carry guns, I'm a free man, I don't care if you are whatever you are, you rub me in the wrong way and I'll call the cops on you. I care more for my family than any darn guy playing Rambo out in the street. Keep that in mind, because that is every other people in this country.

Why do you assume they are cowards anyway, are we talking women here anyways? Do they have to come with a machine gun and spray you to prove you wrong?

IMO you are playing your cards wrong friend, the dealer knows your game already.

Your first mistake is to make assumptions, it implies that you know everything, and last time I checked none does.

Get real if you want to win this, use your brain, not your liver, Your liver will never give you good advise, just a real good diarrhea.

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