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MSNBC story Record numbers now licensed to pack heat

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Default Texas Gun Bills being Considered

Open carry by anyone that can legally own a firearm.
Concealed carry by CHL holders on College Campus.
Firearms in owner's vehicles in Employer Parking Lots

The guns on College Campus seems to be the most contested by the liberals and anti gun crowd .

Some thought or discussion concerning Open Carry needing a CHL which in-
cludes a thorough Police background check before issue, including a passport photo, and fingerprints.

These bills seem to take the back burner against the economy and how to keep the state on a good financial footing.
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Originally Posted by AIKIJUTSU View Post
I guess the only states left that deny their residents the right to defend themselves are the notorious Wisconsin and Illinois, where they are dedicated to the principle of keeping the streets safe for criminals.
Hell Jersey is still a may issue state. But there is legal action in progress that MAY make this a shall issue state. Fingers crossed.

My wish is that the federal gov would make it illegal to make any law infringing on our GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS!!! After all, regardless of the way our elected representatives have raped the Constitution, it is STILL the Highest Law of the Land!! NO state should be able to regulate our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!!!! I know I am dreaming here, but if our other Rights were "infringed" as much as the Second Amendment, folks would be rioting in the friggin streets! What makes the Second so damn debatable!

The anti-intelligence group makes the lamest arguments too, like we are all gun shop owners, quoted from the article; Kristen Rand, legislative director for the Violence Policy Center, a gun-control group, said the movement “has to do with selling more guns.” While it was pushed by groups like the NRA, it also “dovetailed with the gun industry’s desperate need to find a new market.” Pathetic...

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first. Thomas Jefferson
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That story must have scared the pink panties off all the wussies at PMSNBC..... MSNBC story Record numbers now licensed to pack heat - Legal and Activism
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Originally Posted by AcidFlashGordon View Post
That story must have scared the pink panties off all the wussies at PMSNBC..... MSNBC story Record numbers now licensed to pack heat - Legal and Activism
I don't watch PMSNBC as it may cause uncontrolled vomiting.

To the OP great post.
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MSNBC makes me wanna puke and i usually don't watch it. i did watch the big lie about the Remington 700 rifle.

Helms’ friends and relatives were left to mourn, barred by the same Castle Doctrine from filing a civil lawsuit.
Right there is the thing that MSNBC is bent out of shape about. They want the family of the late scumbag to sue in civil court and collect a big judgement. MSNBC is po'd that the family is not allowed a forum to lie and claim that their beloved son and brother "turning his life around".
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Default May the number of gun owner increase

I hope that people triple the current number of gun owners. If your state says
you can't do it anyway. Its your right! Its not governments right to tell you that you can't have a gun. Take alook at the crime and troubles they are having in countries such as England and others that have disarmed their citizens. Read the plan Hitler sent out to Germany's citizens when he convinced them to disarm
themselves. The after math was genocide.
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