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Gone_South 01-16-2013 10:53 PM

MS Gov. Phil Bryant to block Fed Gun Actions
I am proud of my state today. Come on down all my fellow legal gun owners in NY. I am a transplant from OH and have always been treated with nothing but respect.

Some excerpts.

Minutes after the U.S. president laid out a 23-point plan for gun control, Gov. Phil Bryant and House Speaker Philip Gunn said they would block any federal measures limiting the right to bear and possess arms from being enforced in Mississippi.

Gunn said bad people, not guns kill. He said Mississippi is a rural state and in some places it can take law enforcement 15 to 20 minutes to respond to an emergency at a home in a rural area.

“Guns are the only protection some people have,” Gunn said.

Bryant said he isn’t opposed to background checks and enforcing laws already on the books, but he doesn’t believe in limiting the type of guns or ammunition a person can possess.

Bryant said criminals will still be able to get assault weapons and ammunition, and a ban would only hamper law abiding citizens who use their weapons for sporting or self-protection.

Gone_South 01-17-2013 03:54 AM

One small bump for my fellow Mississippians orange, down south, lb and others (yes you included Trip even though you moved west).

Axxe55 01-17-2013 03:55 AM

nice to see some are showing some defiance towards Obama!:D

robocop10mm 01-17-2013 04:54 AM

Montana, Arizona, Texas and now Mississippi. Growing discontent.

Marlinman 01-17-2013 05:01 AM

Add Missouri to the list as well there Robo

nitestalker 01-17-2013 05:06 AM

The state of Wyoming is passing a Bill to stop the BATF. The Gov. will have any Federal Officer arrested and jailed for enforcing Obamas gun bans.:D
I have not seen anything from Montana? Democrat Senator?:confused:

M1Anut 01-17-2013 04:58 PM

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This is what our Governor in MS had to say.

charlesmar 01-17-2013 05:14 PM


Originally Posted by robocop10mm
Montana, Arizona, Texas and now Mississippi. Growing discontent.

Oregon now has three sheriffs that oppose

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