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Originally Posted by Cattledog View Post
Ive already given all I could this year.

I do have a sign up sig! that counts right?

Texan By Birth & Choice

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To anyone who bashes the NRA: No, they aren't perfect, but guess what? Neither are you! If ALL gun owners were members, this disgusting attack on the 2A wouldn't be happening. I consider it irresponsible in this political climate to be a gun owner and not be a member of the NRA and the GOA. If you have to pick one, pick the NRA bc they have more political clout. Wake up and fight together against a common enemy!!!

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Renewed for two more years tonight. May need my gun for self defense if my wife sees the credit card bill and counts the number of times the NRA comes up. To the NRA, "Sic-um!"


Old Bolt Actions,
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The Apocalypse Is Coming.....
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Originally Posted by HM2Grunt View Post
Renewed for two more years tonight. May need my gun for self defense if my wife sees the credit card bill and counts the number of times the NRA comes up. To the NRA, "Sic-um!"
you could always tell her it's a topless bar!
Coming From The Village Of The Damned.
Resist All Tyranny And Oppression.
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is that good men do nothing." Edmund Burke.
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The best weapon against the gunphobes is ridicule . Feel free to send these jokes far and wide :

Topical Humor :

1. " I'm all for universal background checks ; once it is done to everybody instead of just gun buyers, it will be called invasion of privacy and ended ."

2." MSNBC's slogan is " Lean Forward " but I always find them leaning leftward ."

3. Question : " Why do the FOX News women wear short skirts ?

Answer : " To tease the crap out of Rachel Maddow " .

4. "Over 100,000 people signed the petition to deport Piers Morgan but England refused to take him back ."

5. " Obama has a plan to boost the economy : He's going to drive gun sales up even higher " .

6. " Obama would have liked it better in the Soviet Union, where you could do everything by executive order . "

7. Question : Why do Americans buy AR-15s ?

Answer : Because Obama sold all of the AK-47s to Mexican drug gangs .

8. Hillary Clinton and Obama have made progress on " gun control " ....They disarmed the security guards in Benghazi, didn't they ?

9. Why does MSNBC tell you to " Lean Forward " ?

Because you are about to get it in the ass ?

10. Aren't you tired of listening to shrill female news voices on T.V. ? I'm for a ban on " assault women "....

11. I was all excited about possibly becoming a "progressive" until I found out its a code word for " liberal " .

12. Obama's version of Marxism is : " From each according to his ability. To each according to his greed " .

13. Don't worry. We don't want to take away all of your guns - Just the "assault weapons"...and the Saturday Night Specials...and the "snubbies" ...and the "haaaandguns "...and the sniper rifles...and the military guns...and the sawed-off shotguns...and the automatic weapons...and the semi-automatics and anything that holds a lot of rounds...Riiight !

14. Economy bad. Unemployment bad. Deficit bad. National debt bad. What's left ? CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, New York Times....They are all far left !

15. Obama says he enjoys skeet shooting at Camp David . Yes, and I play golf in my backyard !

16. First we had the Clinton duck hunt photo op . Now we have the Obama Skeet Shoot . Did anyone tell them what some crazy with one of those shotguns could do to school full of children ? No wait, without a folding stock and bayonnet lug those guns are just toys .

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