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I am dropping...

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Originally Posted by dog2000tj View Post


Your out of order. he's expressing an opinion at least respect it!
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Originally Posted by cottontop View Post
I am dropping my NRA membership. More specifically, when it runs out, which should be soon, I will not renew it. I just received the new issue of the American Rifleman and it is filled with nothing but propaganda, most of which is not true. I don't want to read that crap. In the whole issue there is not one decent article about reloading varmint and/or hunting rounds. There is not one article about sporting rifles. I am done with them. The NRA is the problem. They are creating fear and paranoia in gullible gunowners. The garbage they are spewing out is just not true. Intelligent people in the know look at them as being a big joke and their administrators are as ignorant as a pile of rocks when it comes to knowning the real issues. They are not lobbyists, they are terrorists.
Who cares
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CT you are right we have been lied to. Obama said he did not want to disarm the American Public? The Democratic Party and their allies are pushing for removal of the "Obsolete" 2 nd A.
When has any president campaigned to dismantel the Bill Of Rights? The NRA is the only Orig. that stands in his way. With the help of antigun people such as you our NRA membership will hit 5 million very soon.
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For any elected official or organization that might be following this thread. I am a NRA member and my family, many co-workers, and buddies will vote right down the line with NRA recommendations! I do not throw my NRA publications away, I SHARE them!!
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Is the NRA perfect? No. It's an organization made up of people. As such, it's unlikely to be able to make all people happy all of the time. Such is the nature of all human activity (See: political parties for more examples).
What should one expect from an organization such as the NRA? IMHO, if they keep doing what they are doing and taking the fight to the douches in DC and elsewhere, I'll call it good enough.
Anyone who doesn't believe that the NRA is doing whats right in regard to their second amendment rights is more than free to form their own 4.5 million member organization and do it their way.
As for quitting the NRA? When my membership expires, I will have, as well. Until then I will continue to support my imperfect, but nonetheless well meaning, ally.
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If you intention was to voice your disapproval of the NRA and your chosen magazine (personally I think that you should have chosen "American Hunter), congratulations, you succeeded.

If your intention was to cause a sh!tstorm on this forum, congratulations, you succeeded.

If you do not want to be a contributing member to the NRA, then you should just let your membership expire and fade into the night. No one forced you to join.

If you have nothing better to focus your irritations on than what the leadership of the NRA is wearing, then you really do have a problem.

You should be concerned whether or not your elected leadership is fighting to preserve your right to keep and bear arms or fighting to take it away.

But since you feel that you can do a better job than the NRA, I wish you well on your endeavor.

As for me, my money has been and will be on the NRA.
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Bottom line is I don't hear of ANY OTHER group knocking on doors to get their point across like the NRA. I find them pretty stupid sometimes and the never ending mail with some of the BS in it really pisses me off. But none of us alone are ,going to mean **** to Dr O. and his cronies. Same as those asshats that needed gone form Congress last time (We have term limits for Congress you know...They are called elections!). There is no other lobbying group out there with near the clout of the NRA. Show me another one.....Sure there are groups and I support more than the NRA but the NRA itself is the last man standing in DC that will be big enough for those people will listen to. They are pretty much forced to. People are pissed off. Look at the mushroom in NRA membership over the last few months. That's a lot of voters, prettyhard for even one of those tastycrats to ignore. Those idiots in DC have the brain power of a sex doll but they know that they want to keep their jobs.What the hell else are they going to do? They are addicted to the power.

Go on...Quit the NRA..And while you're at it just stop voting...One vote makes no difference right? Flawed or not they are in our corner and trying to slow the madness down and make enough of the suits in DC pay attention long enough to think about their job security. I don't see anyone else that has near the chance to do the job. So I'm staying, I thought about quitting them a while back. But that just seems just this side of crazy right now.
The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
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Originally Posted by Mosin
Lol... If I were a cop, and they banned guns, or certain guns, and I caught someone in violation of the new law, I would ask to see their NRA membership.

Oh...I guess you didn't care about the laws to jail.
Here you go!

Member: NRA

The constitution of the United States asserts that all power is inherent in the people, that they may exercise it by themselves, that it is their right and duty to be at all times armed! Thomas Jefferson

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I am a Life Member of the National Rifle Association and have been since 1968 when the cost of that membership I think was $100 . I lived in a West Texas Ranching area and made very little but paid the membership out by the month. I exist today upon Social Security & a small retirement from a big Aircraft Manufacturer but were I not a life member and the cost was $1000 I would pay it out and gain the Life Membership as were it not for the NRA, GOA, and other notable organizations fighting for us, the "expletatives" who now want the death of our 2nd Amendment and such idiotic anti-gun laws would have long ago took them from our hands !
NRA Lifer Since 1968
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