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Homicide Percentages Around the World

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Originally Posted by manta View Post
Probaly because the murder rate in the uk is lower than the ones on the list. Plus there is not Quote 100% GUN BANS OR ARE CLOSE TO in the uk.
Thank you! I wasnt sure what the rate was.
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So we are 108 out of 196. HMMM. Our rate is A drop in the bucket compared to Mexico
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But your information is deceptive in reality regarding fair comparisons. The UK has risen to around 3% as of late. But no need to dispute it due to the following information. And if you average it out comparing population of cities that have over 200,000+ population where the violent crime rates are higher compared to the average. The UK has around 38 such populated cities while the US has 187 such populated areas. So if you do some math based on population the US's Homicide rate is around 4.3. If you figured the UK to have 187 areas as the US your homicide rate per capital would be somewhere about 7.9% figured on the figures. So that is also where the liberals in American who are trying to attack our Second Amendment figures from are incorrect figuring over all numbers of metro areas US = 180 compared to UK = 38. Otherwise they are inaccurately comparing the homicide rate compared to the population of these areas in the US. US = 37,400,000 to the Uk's population in those areas of 7,600,00 With these added areas of population the US has 4.9 times the population area as that of UK. Not to mention, from the beginning of 2000 our homicide rate has dropped 50%. Probably because the criminal realizes that more than not, he is not praying on an innocent unarmed victim. It is called self preservation and he would rather pick a soft target that can not defend themselves. The 50% reduction is admirable, but the politicians do not mention that because it would reveal their present ruse and attack on Constitutional Rights! So the figures of the UK and the US are certainly not comparing apples to apples and your firearms rights in the UK are less than desirable. And figured out fairly and with reality more incidents per population in the UK.
Big Bird this is your answer about the UK. Several weeks ago I did some study due to the fact the anti-gun folks who are attempting to attack our Second Amendment. Got sick and tired of them trying to deceive the American public by the UKs rate. Nothing wrong with our friend from the UK but our politicians as usual, are being deceptive. Of course as of late we can tell when they are being deceptive! It is when they are moving their mouth! In addition the chart was taken form the World Health Organization which no doubt is capable of some manipulation due to their associations with other organizations throughout the world. Finally regardless of the despute possible over rates you can not compare the two comparing the 38 areas to that of 187.
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Originally Posted by Sniper03 View Post
It is as we know nothing to do with Guns but everything to do with an all out Attack on our Second Amendment and Constitutional Rights by the left!
As you will see below the number of murders per 100,000 population around the World. Some I have never heard of! And most every country involved in the statistics below have very stringent gun control or complete bans. Just more information advising they are on an agenda not solving the problem. They should be better spending their time on the real causes and trying to fix, minimize or control the causes not attacking guns and ownership which will do nothing at is it did 1994-2004! It is not guns as you can plainly see. It is issues in society, violence and mental illness. Here are the statistics.


> Honduras 91.6
> El Salvador 69.2
> Cote d'ivoire 56.9
> Jamaica 52.2
> Venezuela 45.1
> Belize 41.4
> US Virgin Islands 39.2
> Guatemala 38.5
> Saint Kits and Nevis 38.2
> Zambia 38.0
> Uganda 36.3
> Malawi 36.0
> Lesotho 35.2
> Trinidad and Tobago 35.2
> Colombia 33.4
> South Africa 31.8
> Congo 30.8
> Central African Republic 29.3
> Bahamas 27.4
> Puerto Rico 26.2
> Saint Lucia 25.2
> Dominican Republic 25.0
> Tanzania 24.5
> Sudan 24.2
> Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 22.9
> Ethiopia 22.5
> Guinea 22.5
> Dominica 22.1
> Burundi 21.7
> Democratic Republic of the Congo 21.7
> Panama 21.6
> Brazil 21.0
> Equatorial Guinea 20.7
> Guinea-Bissau 20.2
> Kenya 20.1
> Kyrgyzstan 20.1
> Cameroon 19.7
> Montserrat 19.7
> Greenland 19.2
> Angola 19.0
> Guyana 18.6
> Burkina Faso 18.0
> Eritrea 17.8
> Namibia 17.2
> Rwanda 17.1
> Mexico 16.9
> Chad 15.8
> Ghana 15.7
> Ecuador 15.2
> North Korea 15.2
> Benin 15.1
> Sierra Leone 14.9
> Mauritania 14.7
> Botswana 14.5
> Zimbabwe 14.3
> Gabon 13.8
> Nicaragua 13.6
> French Guiana 13.3
> Papua New Guinea 13.0
> Swaziland 12.9
> Bermuda 12.3
> Comoros 12.2
> Nigeria 12.2
> Cape Verde 11.6
> Grenada 11.5
> Paraguay 11.5
> Barbados 11.3
> Togo 10.9
> Gambia 10.8
> Peru 10.8
> Myanmar 10.2
> Russia 10.2
> Liberia 10.1
> Costa Rica 10.0
> Nauru 9.8
> Bolivia 8.9
> Mozambique 8.8
> Kazakhstan 8.8
> Senegal 8.7
> Turks and Caicos Islands 8.7
> Mongolia 8.7
> British Virgin Islands 8.6
> Cayman Islands 8.4
> Seychelles 8.3
> Madagascar 8.1
> Indonesia 8.1
> Mali 8.0
> Pakistan 7.8
> Moldova 7.5
> Kiribati 7.3
> Guadeloupe 7.0
> Hatti 6.9
> Timor-Leste 6.9
> Anguilla 6.8
> Antigua and Barbuda 6.8
> Lithuania 6.6
> Uruguay 5.9
> Philippines 5.4
> Ukraine 5.2
> Estonia 5.2
> Cuba 5.0
> Belarus 4.9
> Thailand 4.8
> Suriname 4.6
> Laos 4.6
> Georgia 4.3
> Martinique 4.2
> And
> >
> --
I got this in an e-mail and used it in my speech at an Academic Decathlon competition on why the majority of gun control does not work. I think I made an impact on the judges in a 4 minute speech.
I'm gonna stop you right there, you just said an AR-15 is a high-powered rifle. It is obvious you don't know anything about guns and I shall ignore anything you say from this point on.
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England is an island and it is not in walking distance of a violent poverty ridden mass. There is no ocean between us and South America, no only about 3 feet of dirty water.
The high crime rate is caused by illegal emigrants financed by the drug trade. England and other Euro Countries are much more in control of their borders.
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