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Home invasion

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I live in the city and unfortunately have had my home broken into 3 times in the past 7 months, and each time, the police told me I could have shot the person if I were home at the time.

also, when I took the gun safety class, the instructor told me women really have the right to shoot someone in their house. so if my wife were home and someone broke in, she could pretty much shoot them down with no questions asked cuz she is a female. also, if u feel like ur children are endagered with someone coming into the house, u can pretty much shoot them down with no repercussions as well.
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If you live in Illinois it's better to let the intruder kill you. Then you can't get in trouble.
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All situations call for common sense and reasonable judgment. There are too many variations to list. You should spend a little time each day thinking about some variations and how you should handle them. Don't waste a bunch of time fantasizing about macho actions. Ask and answer basic questions like: Can I get my family to a safe place? Can I get to my gun in time? Can I get to a phone in time? If your answers lead you to a conclusion that you might have to shoot, then ask the final question: Am I willing to kill this intruder?

The important thing is to have thought about the questions BEFORE you need the answers. If the situation ever arises, you won't have time for Q&A. If you have thought your way through the problem beforehand, you're going to have a lot better chance of making good snap decisions under pressure.

Just my opinion from a Castle Doctrine state (Oklahoma): If retreat is possible, you should do so, even though Castle Doctrine allows you to stand your ground. If 911 is possible, you should do so because that recording may be your best evidence in defense later. If you don't have any other options (last resort), shoot straight, fast and first.

Oh, and for the record, I don't think "retreat is possible" when it involves leaving loved ones behind. Already been flamed for that elsewhere. OK, got my Nomex on, let 'er rip!
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1.-First (being sure you charged it in advance) grab your cell phone.

And a warm coat and hat.

2.-Run out your back door. Hide in the bushes, or under a pile of manky,

old leaves. (Hope you like bugs. HOW much did you pay for that house?)

3.-Dial 911- if your operator isn't comatose, perhaps they can goad the

local LEOs into some act of intervention before before the next major

holiday. (It IS, after all, nicer to celebrate Thanksgiving in the


4. Pack up and move to a gun-tolerant state. Specifically, one which

has well-supported CASTLE DOCTRINE law. Then you will have

no duty, in the eyes of the law, to retreat from your home.
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I don't think any (many?) of us are looking for an excuse to shoot someone, but if/when a bunch of thugs come busting into your home, they won't be there to beg for a glass of water. They will likely be armed, and that kind of low-lifers will be the ones looking for an excuse (opportunity) to rape, plunder, and kill you and your family. And who knows what else they will do. You will only have a couple of seconds to react to it. For me, if they are not wearing legit police uniforms it makes perfect sense to shoot first and get as many as I can, then maybe ask what they are there for. I also know that some of my family and acquaintences (notice I didn't say friends) are offended by my having a gun on me at all times, but I wouldn't expect the perps would honor a "time-out" while I go to my bedroom, open the safe, select a gun, go to the other room, get a box of ammo, load a magazine one round at a time, then prime my gun. This refers to more than one perp. I have had my home burglarized 4 times, and caught 2 of them (who did 2-20 in prison), but if it would ever be more than 1 busting in I would first make sure if I recognized them, then shoot them as fast as I could.

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every day's news still backs up the fact that most people do whatever they feel is necessary to protect their home, themselves or family....even in chicago (one of the most gun restrictive cities on the planet) .
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