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FALPhil 07-12-2007 12:26 PM

Gun Control in America
Here is a good series about the historical context of gun control in the USA written by Sandy Frohman. Sandy Froman is immediate past president of the National Rifle Association of America and a longtime member of the NRA board of directors. A practicing attorney in Tucson, Ariz., Froman is an international speaker on the right to keep and bear arms and an advocate for federal judges who will interpret the Constitution according to its original meaning.

Gun Control in America - Part I

Gun Control in America - Part II

Gun Control in America - Part III

pioneer461 07-24-2007 08:54 PM

Pretty good series of articles. Here is some more reading on our rights.

Gun Control = Sight alignment & trigger control.

gregmc 07-25-2007 08:45 PM

Sen. Joe Biden
Did you happen to hear his latest? Check it out over at:

ScottG 07-26-2007 01:17 AM

Heard about it, read about it, not interested in watching him say it. He's our enemy, besides, he probably stole that line from Neil Kinnock....:p

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