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Got called paranoid today.

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Originally Posted by Chainfire

The reason we are overhead in debt, is because we have shipped all of our jobs and money to China or Mexico or and number of Pacific Island nations, to benefit the very wealthy in this country. Our economic well being started downhill with "free trade" which has cost millions of American jobs, and trillions in American wages. I lived in a prosperous time, where we had plenty, it changed when we quit making our own stuff. You simply can not buy everything from overseas and have a healthy economy. We used to make all of our own cars, TVs, textiles, and everything else we used. Now we pay others to make them for us. More money going out then in creates deficits; easy math.

Conservatives are many times, single issue voters; Guns, religion, abortion, etc. Liberals generally look at the big picture. I have known a lot of liberals and have never had a discussion that centered on "free stuff". Most of the liberals I know are hard working, church going, family people, although I do know some tree-hugging, off-the-wall types as well. Just as crazy conservatives are small in number, so are off-the-wall liberals.

Socialism is nothing new in this country, there have always been some social ingredients to our democracy, and without them, we would not have universal free education, highways, utilities etc. No matter how "self sufficient" you are, there are many things best done by communal effort. That is why we transitioned from an hunting and gathering society to an agriculture and industrial society. Specialization and cooperation has brought us the comforts of a modern society.

We do have tyrany, but it is the tyrany of big busines, big banking and big money. They call the shots and they don't make decisions based on what is good for the average Joe. They buy elections, they buy politicans and policies, and we have let them get away with it. Hell, we even support them in it, because they give us issues close to our hearts.

If you take a good, hard look at most of the conservative issues, they all support the wealthiest people in this country, to the detriment of the workers. The richest have the capital to invent and support issues that help themselves. They are willing to throw bones to the population to keep us happy. They are great at attaching emotional, issues to their adgendas. The wealthy don't really give a damn if you have or don't have a gun or an abortion, or a job, as long as they have the ability to continue to consolidate and gather in the wealth of the working people. If they decide to fight guns, fight for the right to choose, and other social issues close to conservative hearts, and it supports their abilty to gather in the almighty dollar, they will. Think about it.
When the US manufacturing sector was at its zenith, we were producing the majority of the raw materials from our mines, iron, coal, oil, etc. The NIMBY's contributed to industry moving overseas. An iron ore mine project in northern WI was cancelled within the last couple of years due to the NIMBY's.

I do agree that big bidness and big gubmint have gotten far too cozy to the detriment of the average citizen, e.g. ethanol subsidy, Fanny & Freddy, gubmint bailouts, etc.
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Originally Posted by Chainfire View Post
As far as the government being dictatorial, I just don't know where in the hell that comes from. We just finished a free and fair election. If the POTUS was a dictator, do you think he would have such a hard time getting his policies past the congress? That dictator crap is pure bull ****, and propaganda and anyone capable of rational thought knows that. Democracy is alive and well.

What right-wingers have a difficult time with is; If they are not in the majority then they don't believe the system works. Face it guys, the voters in the last two presidential elections did not agree with your philosophy. It doesn't mean the government is evil, it just means most people don't agree with you. That is what the founders intended; the minority must be heard, but the majority must rule.

If the majority is as feeble minded, stupid, ignorant, and evil as some here would have us to believe, then the right needs to get used to being governed by feeble minded, stupid, ignorant and evil people. It is what the Constitution and the founders intended.

God Bless America!
That's a great Solid-South defense of a dictatorship of the proletariat. But before you hum the Internationale...

We are not a Democracy, with mob rule, but supposed to be a Republic. One with the rule of law, The Constitution you mention, that is being bypassed by this Administration every day, directly or indirectly.

Indirectly, for example, by secretly smuggling guns to Mexican Drug Cartels via commercial straw purchases with the hope of undermining support for the 2nd Amendment as Mexicans would die and guns were traced here. 'course they got caught when Americans were murdered and still haven't turned over the evidence that would probably send Eric Holder and maybe his boss to jail.

Directly, for example, by the President "declaring" The Senate "out of session" and making Recess Appointments. "...where Congress is not willing to act, we're going to go ahead and do it ourselves." This is the quote of an El Presidente, not an American President.

Sorry you still don't get it. Let's wait to see what he can do to push through Son of A-ssault Weapon Ban, either directly or indirectly...
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