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Get Active. Fix The Damned Oil Leak.

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Movie 'plug': Feds enlist Cameron -

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Yeah! They're going to enlist James Cameron to fix it! Why don't they get Jeanine Garofalo to tell it to shut up? Or have Luke Skywalker fire a photon torpedo down it and seal it off. They should let the professionals (like Red Adair's successor) fix the damn thing, then worry about who to blame. But that's not the modus operandi in todays political clime.
I agree, I don't think Obama wants this fixed, he wants a major disaster he can blame on Big Oil and then show how he kicked their asses for it. Makes capitalists look bad and him look tough.
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Well, I think they need to melt the sand stone that its spewing out of. You can't blow it up as fractures will cause more high pressure leaks. Before it's all said and done a non explosive nuclear solution will most likely work and probably be tried. If this solution is used we'll never know the truth of it
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Originally Posted by lonyaeger View Post
This is probably going to be the end of BP, they're losing millions of dollars a day, plus the restitution and fines they're gonna have to pay. You don't think they WANT to stop the leak? What motive would they have for NOT stopping it?
I think BP wants to stop the leak and I give them credit for doing what they are doing. They are doing things that have never been tried before and it's extremely interesting to me.

I personally don't think the government cares about stopping the leak. The worse this gets the better equiped they are to stop all off shore drilling and force the US to move towards "green" energy. They can also drive up fuel prices which we all know they want. I think the left wing wackos are dancing with glee at this aweful event because it only furthers their agenda.
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How about shooting a non-explosive torpedo (correct diameter of course) down the pipe and create a squib.

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I am concerned about the oil "leak", however what concerns me more is why the powers at be seem to not be concerned about stopping it. My theory is that they want it to get bad enough to use as an excuse to declare a national emergency and then obama can start flinging executive orders around to change the laws unopposed to fit his twisted idea of what this country should be. I personally am stocking up on more ammunition and have been practicing with my firearms more often than usual. I am probably just being paranoid but the possibility is real and national emergencies have been declared for far less. however to stim the leak i think they should use cat litter. Any of you who work on cars know that cat litter does wonders for absorbing oil even if it has been sitting there for a long time, and it gets really thick and i think if they used enough of it it would clog the whole long enough for them to cover it in concrete or something like that. Maybe use the plastic barrier they use on land fills to seal it off.
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There are lots of ideas from the General Public on how to stop the oil flow from this well. Most are from people who have no concept of the internal design of an oil well, or the internal details of the Blow-Out Preventer (BOP) stack and the marine riser package that sits on the sea floor. Nobody really knows what is in the well bore at this point. The hydraulics of the uncontrolled two phase flow of oil and gas from this well is a best guess, and has proven to be much higher than early estimates. Flowing pressures also appear to be too high to effectively implement a mechanical plugging at the BOP.

I am no fan of BP, I have worked on offshore production facilities engineering projects for them, and I did not enjoy the experience. However, there are some very bright BP engineers who are working very hard to stop this disaster. For those of us who do work in the offshore oil and gas industry, this is a double disaster. There is no way to downplay the ecological impact of this mess. It is simply horrific. Obama’s decision to suspend all offshore drilling will create more unemployment in the drilling and offshore service industries than the actual oil spill will impact the fishing and other local Gulf Coast economies. It is all bad. There is no upside to this mess. Once this well is killed (and it will be), the offshore oil & gas industry will never be the same. The further downside is that increased regulations and government oversight will impact everyone with lower domestic offshore oil and gas production and higher costs for developing those offshore reserves. Will the increased regulations and government oversight increase the odds of this never happening again? Unlikely. But it is hard to argue a counterpoint at this time, emotions are too high.

When all is said and done, I predict that BP will be found to have taken shortcuts in the design of the casing and cementing program in order to reduce costs on a well that had already far exceeded its budgeted costs due to drilling difficulties. It will also likely be found that on-site decisions were made by BP drilling managers to shortcut established well abandonment practices in order to save rig time (huge hourly operating costs). BP makes a big show of being all about protecting the health, environment, and safety of its employees and the community. But in the end all oil companies are managed by financial people. Oil companies are not really in the oil & gas production business, they are in the money business, and developing oil & gas reserves is just how they make that money.

As far as the current administration’s actions, just remember Rob Emmanuel’s famous statement “never let a good crisis go to waste”. Obama’s assertions that the Fed’s are in charge is laughable. The US Government, the USCG and the US Navy have absolutely no expertise or equipment to do what is being done by BP. As much as BP can (and will) be found to be liable for this fiasco, they are in the best position to bring this disaster to and end. However, there will be a reckoning when it is over, and there will be more than a few BP and Transocean personnel who will find themselves in Federal prisons.

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Well, it looks like the wife has been tasked by the Department of the Interior to lead and assist several wildlife biologists, volunteers and wildlife organizations to go down there on the coast and identify, sort, clean, rescue and rehab, the oil infected sea bird population.

Looks like she will be working 2 weeks on and 4 weeks off, as long as she is needed.

I use to be the one gone all the time on the Government's it's her turn, except BP will be footing all the expenses this time, not the taxpayers.



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That's great, Jack, that she's going to be able to help out down there. I feel so helpless just sitting and watching from the sidelines. I wish I had the time and wherewithall to do something myself. Kudos to the wife!
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