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Germany ranks 4th in gun ownership

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nope. I am talking about my WBK. (My Waffenbesitzkarte). Hey wait, you should know that if you are a German Gun Owner. My Jagdschein is my hunting license. Plus, you mention the BKA as the FBI. Why would I turn in my paperwork to them. They do the background check and turn their findings back to weapons registration, who where the ones who took the paperwork in the first place. Do you know the name of weapons registration, or where they are located? There is only one place in Germany now.

As your post ends:
(german gun owner)
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Ok, here we go.

The new central registry is the "Nationales Waffenregister" which collects all the information from the previous local gun registration at the various sites (Police, or local civil county office "Landratsamt", depends on the german state - Bundesland).
Te de-central registration was established in 1973, when the "new" 1972 law became effective. I think that the local offices still have the old data, so we have a dual registration at the moment.

Additional info:
Gun law is a federal law in Germany, but the single states are responsible for the practical handling of the law. So while all people should be treatet equal, differences exist.

Side note:
Politicans say that the central registry was enacted because the European Union mandated this. Not quite correct, the EU called for a central OR de-central registration.

Background checks are usually done by the local offices which use the central crime register as a database, at the same time the local police is checked if there is an ongoing investigation against you which will not show up in the central crime register yet.

If you are talking about the WBK (green), you usually need to show a genuine reason for any of the guns you want to buy. If you have a hunting license, you can ask for up to TWO handguns in a "suitable" caliber, minimum 200 Jules of muzzle energy. Exception if you hunt with traps, you can get a .22lr or such a thing to preserve the animals coat (additionally).

The law says that you have to get a permit to buy the handgun first (entry "Erwerb" on the Waffenbesitzkarte. From then you have a year to buy the desired gun. If you do not buy, please ask again.

As a hunter, you are allowed to by nearly any long gun/ammunition WITH a valid huntig license, but you have to register these long guns with the local office/Police within two weeks after purchase. The guns are written to your Waffenbesitzkarte (also green in your case).

Ok, now the problematic part. If you do nor renew the hunting license, you will be asked by your local office to renew it.
If you do not comply, or if you can not comply for some reason, you are ordered to sell your guns, usually they give you 6 weeks to do this.
If you do not sell, the guns get confiscated.

One thing I have to mention here. For hunters, the 18 year age limit to own anything larger than .22lr does not apply. We have a minumum muzzle energy regulation for hunting, so such a restriction would be nonsense.

By the way, this mentioned age regulation was brought by the 2009 gun law modification.
The minium age restrictions of many sorts were long part of the german gun laws and were tightended in two steps, 2003 and 2009.

Situation at the moment (with the exception of hunters):
- age below 12 (10 with special permit) -> no shooting at all
- 12 to 16 -> usage of air guns .177 caliber max 7.5 Joules muzze energy
no ownership
- 16 - 18 -> additional usage of .22lr and shotguns cal. 12 (other guns with
special permission, rarely issued)
- 18 - 21 -> usage of all guns, ownership of .22lr and shotguns cal. 12
- 21 -25 usage of all guns, ownership is extended to all guns if you undergo
psycological examination
- 25 and above, removes restrictions of usage and ownership.

Please keep in mind that a genuine need for the guns must be shown in any case (to buy and own), the burden is with the gun owner.
I largely depends on who you are (regarding to the law) how your gun office must perform the check of your supplied reason.

As i mentioned above, with a hunting license the law says you get two (seldom three) handguns, long guns unlimited.
As a target shooter, you must show a written confirmation (from your target shooting associaton, NOT the local club!)for any handgun or semiautomatic long guns. There is a soft limit of two handguns and three semi long guns. If you want to have more, you must attend to official shooting competitions and this must be proven by your target shooting associaton.
From the first gun on, please do your 18 shooting events per year, your local gun office can check this at any time. If you fail, the law says sell everything.
If you are lucky, your local offce says, get a new club and show us your trainig events, then you are ok. If not, please see my statement about selling from above.

Some additional info for reloaders:
Loose gun powder or black powder could be bought only with a valid permit.
Every ounce of powder is written to this permit which is valid for 5 years, and you have a limit, usually 10 kilogramms Nitrocellulose / 25 kilogramms black powder per 5 years.

If you want to know anything else, please let me know.

Best regards,

P.S. The BKA was NOT mentioned in context with the background checks, I mentioned that the BKA does the proofing of semi automatic rifles, if they are good to own here ("Freistellungsbescheide").

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A little Gun porn from the HK factory. Nothing like German engineering...;_ylt=A2KLqIGepZJRERIA4PX7w8QF;_ylu=X3oDMTBvcX NvNnBqBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDdmlkBHZ0aWQDVjEzMw--?p=hk+factory+germany&vid=3e926a5ee3b71380bd240dd4 d4a35162&l=6%3A15& t%2Fth%3Fid%3DV.4554796663376945%26pid%3D15.1&rurl iBv_8&tit=HK+shooting+range+-+shooting+various+HK+small+arms&c=1&sigr=11aab465c &age=0&fr=yfp-t-900&tt=b

Sig Factory in Eckernförde....
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I hope to make to the Fatherland some day. Regardless of the gun laws!
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Well then if Germany is so gun friendly,lets ship our minorities,from New York,Chicago,Los Angles,Detroit,New Orleans,Memphis and more American Cities then I can spell,over to Germany,give it some time to incubate,PM me back in a year and inform me about the new German Gun Laws,gee I just may move to Germany if all is still well?
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