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michigan0626 01-22-2011 05:26 PM

Florida vs California
Its not official yet, but in a coupleof months I'll be moving from Florida to Kali. I'm getting a promotion with the feds. Higher GS's, more pay, plus they buy my house and pay moving expenses! Not to mention a relocation bonus plus a yearly rention bonus. Because of my job I can conceal carry without a permit across all state lines even if there is a ban in place for cc'ing. But, under LEOSA am I subject to Californias 10 round magazine Limit? Would it also have to be one off of that approved list. I don't know cali gun laws or where to look. I will be in the Mendota/Fresno area by the new fed prison, would the county or city have their own Laws? Hopefully some of you Cali members can give me some insight, id appreciate it. Thank you.

To those who know, Big Bear or Mamouth next YEAR???

mrm14 01-22-2011 05:38 PM

Pretty much as I understand it, you are limited to 10 round magazines unless you had them here before the hi cap mag ban in 1994. High capacity magazines owned prior to that time here are "grandrfathered in". I don't believe that you can bring from another state into Cali. over 10 round magazines even if you had them from where you are at from prior to the 1994 ban here.

Big Bear or Mammoth? I assume you are asking about snow skiing resorts (pardon me if I'm worng) but is so, Mammoth usually has pretty darn good skiing conditions when we get a good snow fall.

michigan0626 01-22-2011 05:55 PM

What about registration and that type of bs.

Been to big bear twice when stationed at Camp Pendleton.

Sniper03 01-22-2011 06:06 PM

I sure understand the great news on the job. But my sympathies going to the liberal socialist state of California. Every LE Instructor I know out there who loves weapons and who works there can not wait the get the H---l out of there.
Most say they are going to Colorado, Idaho or other weapons friendly states. I know California is a large state and I am sure in some of the more desolate and rural areas the law is not enforced as stringently. And I am sure you will find some way to enjoy our sport:)


corrinavatan 01-22-2011 07:08 PM


I would suggest that you contact the California Justice Department Bureau of Firearms, and click the "Contact Us" page.

I had to go through a similar situation, and I put all of it in an email to them, and got a response back within three days about all the legal things that would have been needed in my situation.

Just be clear with your stuff (if you have some type of governement/federal stuff, cite it specifically, and links to the firearm you have with a description of any modifications from factory the firearm might have), and they'll give you an answer in an email that you'd be able to use as evidence in court if you get hassled by a LEO or something like that.

Especially since your situation, with the CCL that is valid even when there is a city/county ban, it'd be best to have the Justice department clear that up. Armchair lawyering is easy, but it's also easy to get in trouble with the law.

mrm14 01-22-2011 07:43 PM


Originally Posted by michigan0626 (Post 427248)
What about registration and that type of bs.

Been to big bear twice when stationed at Camp Pendleton.

Jeeeze, I havn't been to Big Bear since the early 1970's, but was at Mammoth year before last and base and pack was pretty good. Mostly I've been skiing at and around Lake Tahoe as we have a home in Incline Village. This last November and December I was able to get up to Squaw Valley and Mt. Hood for a few days of ski time and the snow was the best I've skiied on in the last 15 years. If this is indications of snow to come over the next few years we should have very good skiing conditions in the following years. My brother was up to ski last week and the temp has been above freezing for awhile and the conditions are spring like for now, however, we should be getting a couple more or so good snow falls before the season is over.

Overkill0084 01-22-2011 07:56 PM

Been to both CA & FL. Uncle Sam would need to triple my salary for me to move back to CA. FL, in a heartbeat, in fact I might take a pay cut.

canebrake 01-22-2011 08:31 PM

Florida the "Gunshine State"

Although concealed carry can be a problem.

CA357 01-22-2011 08:44 PM

At the gun shop, LEO's routinely buy Hi Cap mags. They can also buy firearms that we mere Citizens are forbidden. Their AR's and other Mag fed weapons don't have to have a stupid fixed mag either. LEO's in CA have it much easier than John Doe.

Check the CA DOJ, but you should really be good to go. But check. ;)

Overkill0084 01-23-2011 02:00 PM

To be fair, there are CA versions avaialble.

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