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WebleyFosbery38 01-16-2013 09:23 AM

Email I just sent Governor Andy Coumo
Im so damned pissed off I cant even think, Im a Lifetime New Yorker and Im as Angry as Ive ever been, feel just like I was raped! Those of you talking about Boycotting anything in NY should do so and write Albany Andy a letter and tell him that! Add that you will not buy any Remington products as long as they are still in NY and send a copy to Remington HQ also! It sucks to even promote that cause it will only hurt NY in the short-run but once you hit them in the wallet, they will change their tune nearly instantly!

Im done writing these dim bulbs, getting their canned responses and they disregarding everything we say so I wrote one last letter to Mini Mario-

You Sir and your Minions have committed a crime against the Citizens of our state. Unfettered means just that, you have officially scrapped the second most important Right we have in our Bill of Rights and summarily disregarded those that fought and died to ensure those rights were unalienable.

I am a lifelong Resident of Upstate NY, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Small Business Owner, Employee, Retired NYARNG NCO and I vote every single time, so do my friends and employees. I will stay in the state just long enough to vote every single person who signed this Legislation out of office and not a day longer.

Early on, I was a supporter of yours but now I wouldnt vote for you or anyone standing near you if you were the resurrection Of Abraham Lincoln! The state was quite divided before your criminal action. After; its gonna look and feel like a civil war and a mass exodus mixed.

Tens of thousands of us wrote you prior but you didnt listen or care. The Good news for us Upstaters is that you probably did more to change NY from a Democrat Stronghold to a solid Republican state than anyone in my 50+ year lifetime.

I will join hands with those that seek to throw you and your supporters out of office and from what Im seeing, a ten million others will do the same.

4 consecutive Generations of Robinsons have served this Nation and our State proudly, raised our hands and swore to uphold the Constitution. You have dishonored our service by your unconstitutional actions, we will not forgive or forget that. Im lucky, all I have is really old guns that dont fall into your "AW Flavor of the month "Ban" but must ensure Im not a resident of the state the next time someone in Albany tries to pilfer my Rights!

You tell all my Gunsmith, Toolmaker and Machinist neighbors in Illion that Casino jobs will support their families after Remington closes. Inform my two very Democrat friends with extensive firearm Collections that half of their stuff is illegal (they wrote you also)!

Too bad common sense lost out again,your new ileagal law will protect nobody! New York is the laughing stock of the Nation and its gonna cost us our futures if we stay here. The Pro 2A Social Media outlets and forums have Non New Yorkers calling for a ban on any travel into NY or purchase of anything made in New York and its getting traction quickly. I will be planning my exodus from NY just as soon as I can find a state that really is free.

Ive always told my children what I was taught, "If you dont like how things are, call, write and talk to your elected officials and tell them how you feel. Ive been doing that in NY my whole life but now you people in Albany refuse to listen to anyone not buying your $10K a plate dinners before the election so this is my final letter. I will very likely leave the state I love and drag anyone I can with me because of you.


SSG John Robinson, NYARNG Inf. Ret.

jasrrt 01-16-2013 09:37 AM

You are welcome in Louisiana my friend. As of the last election we have the most gun friendly laws in all the states.

kytowboater 01-16-2013 09:37 AM

Come down to ky, welcome anytime.

texaswoodworker 01-16-2013 09:41 AM

Your welcome here in Texas too.

Marlinman 01-16-2013 09:46 AM

Missouri would gladly accept you and your talents WF.

WebleyFosbery38 01-16-2013 10:05 AM

You guys are the best, the sad part about the whole thing is, Ive been to those states and they are all nice but I love Upstate NY. I also have 4 grand kids age 1.5 to 14 years that we love to see weekly and they only live 20 comfortable minutes away!

Im just an idiot but 4 seasons, more mother nature than a guy could ever use up and views that make Yosemite look bland (thats just My Back Yard) have kept me here with very little remorse other than the Fu$%ers down in Albany!

There is an imaginary boundary above Albany that is like a Northern Mason Dixon! Not to say there arent allot of good folk scatted through that section "Down State" but they dont have anymore voice than we do Upstate! As you saw, Downstate, Libs even post Google Maps with the Addresses of Legal Constitutional 2A supporting Citizens right next to those of sex offenders and Felons (diff colored pushpin)!

Im not letting on to the governor that I wont go down without a fight! I will not give up my acres of happiness nor my livelihood because of his sorry ass! The Dumbocrats tried this BS in 1994 and they all lost their frigging jobs because of it. I believe that will happen again. Because Mini Mario, BHO and other Dictocrats refuse to change our BORs the only legal and permissible way- a Constitutional Convention, those unconstitutional laws will be overturned with a vengeance and Andy Of Albany will become History!

jasrrt 01-16-2013 10:11 AM

Wish the best of luck to you and the GOOD people of New York. May the violators of our Constitution get what they deserve.

Marlinman 01-16-2013 10:12 AM


Originally Posted by jasrrt (Post 1095977)
Wish the best of luck to you and the GOOD people of New York. May the violators of our Constitution get what they deserve.

And repeatedly at that

WebleyFosbery38 01-16-2013 10:36 AM

Thanks again guys, I also wish the worst for us right now and I fear we will get it in spades! Think about it, they just created a huge Black Market Overnight! Now people will be killing for a case of 30 round Mags cause thats now worth $30,000 not $300! Machinists that lost their jobs making Remington AW's will make 3 times as much in their garage shops making minor modifications to existing pieces. Especially if they cant get jobs other than wiping down slot machines in Mini Marios proposed 3 new Upstate Casinos! Andy is giving NYers 1 year to flood the out of state market with their "soon to be ileagal stuff", wont the other governors be happy to hear that NY will become the #1 "Legal" Gun Trafficking State in the union overnight? I bet none of the banned Weapons or accessories will end up in criminal hands across the nation will they?.

This will create a ripple effect across the Nation, either all in or all out, its not gonna be just New York Libs, the rest of the nation will be flooded with our stuff and those leaving the state to escape State sponsored tyranny.

7point62 01-16-2013 11:27 AM

The country's going to hell and NY politicians are leading the way. Good luck to you, bro...

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