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lostsoul62 10-02-2011 09:30 PM

Dog attack
I'm a newbi and just trying to learn. I'm 64 and disabled but can walk OK. I carry pepper spray which won't do much against some dogs. Then they said carry a stick. So I have the leach in my left hand and the stick in my right hand which doesn't seem like a nice walk to me. Then if I get attack by a 120 pound rot wilder he will take that stick from me and kill me and my dog. I saw a rot wilder attack a police office on Utube. So if I shoot the dog chances are I'll go to jail. With all I read it sounds like if you protect yourself in the US you go to jail. If anyone can advise me on what to do and maybe educate myself on gun laws because with my luck if I shoot someone who has a knife at my throat I'll end up in jail.

ttolhurst 10-02-2011 09:42 PM

While shooting a dog in self-defense will certainly attract police attention, I think the chances you'll be arrested are much lower than shooting a person. As always, do whatever you can to avoid shooting, if possible. But if your choices are limited to being attacked by a vicious animal (canine or human), or using deadly force to defend yourself, then defend yourself. The legal consequences, if any, are not as bad as being mauled or killed.

You should seek out a CCW class in your state; they will educate you in the legal standard for the use of lethal force in your state. There are a number of books on the subject that you may find helpful as well; I still like In the Gravest Extreme, by Massad Ayoob, even though it's a bit dated.

JTJ 10-02-2011 10:33 PM

You are in AZ which is one of the best states for self defense rights. You are too old and disabled to fight or run so you dont have a lot of options other than to defend yourself with whatever means necessary. Personally, I carry a Sig 238 cocked and locked when I cant carry anything bigger.

tommy62 10-02-2011 10:45 PM

I'd find a safer place to walk my dog.

fmj 10-02-2011 10:46 PM

most communities have leash laws.....if a dog is running loose and attacks, kill the damn thing! The law is on your side.

jjfuller1 10-02-2011 11:03 PM

i know of a man that shot and killed a dog while walking. he was my wifes neighbor. the dog had apperently snapped at someone before, this time he was walking and the dog came running at him barking. he imediatly dispatched that dog then and there. and there was no problem.. this is from the strict state of NY

rjd3282 10-02-2011 11:06 PM

A cop in my home town killed several dogs for charging him while he was walking off duty. People started locking there damn dogs up. If someone was to shoot a dog of mine for charging them I'd have to say the dog deserved it.

I don't know of too many people who can out run a dog and besides running just excites the predatory nature of the dog. Shoot the dog, they are making new dogs everyday.

People are more important than dogs and we shouldn't have to avoid an area just because someone can't keep control of their animals.

Vincine 10-02-2011 11:25 PM


Originally Posted by lostsoul62 (Post 591435)
I carry pepper spray which won't do much against some dogs.

Look into bear spray.

I've had good results using my air-horn to 'discourage' dogs.

MyWorld 10-02-2011 11:26 PM

I've been attacked by a dog twice before. Let me jus say I will do anything to make sure I don't get bitten again..

deadin 10-02-2011 11:37 PM

My daughter is into canine rescue and is quite knowledgeable about handling dogs. She carries a "stun gun" (zapper) and says that she has yet to find a dog that won't turn tail and run when she triggers it. Doesn't even have to zap the dog. (Something about the loud crackling it puts out.):cool:

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