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Conn. school shooting

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First allow me to say that my heart is torn apart for the loss of those folks in CT. I ask God to heal the families and to give them piece. I know that he will welcome those little Angels that were sent to him today.

Now as for the quote below,

I would do that for free!!

It is sad when an innocent adult is killed. It is even worse when a child is involved.

Originally Posted by StainlessSteel215 View Post
Hey guys, real discussion for a second....

How realistic would it be for the state to hire a couple of (armed) security personnel to patrol the school during school hours? I'm thinking retired seniors (fit for the job) with LEO or military background. The state wouldnt even have to shell out that much for part-time employees. If I were retired and looking for some extra work I'd so it in a SECOND.

they could also implement training and security drills for situations like this. Just thinking out loud....
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Last I read about it, it was 20 year old adam lanza. He killed 27 people, 20 of which were children. He shot himself, afterwards.
It also said that he had a .223 in his car, but he used a glock and a sig sauer.
I hope this sick bastard is roasting in hell.
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Watching the news; I can't find a single channel where the media is not calling for gun control.
I've yet to hear a work spoken about the root cause of the jacked up people overlooked by society until they hit the point of this type of violence.
Mind boggling....
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I remember being in the 6th grade. We had one day, when we were studying about World War two, when we were allowed to bring helmets, ribbons, swords, rifles, bayonets, and Luger pistols that our fathers had captured, to school. We carried them to school, and after the study time, we carried them home. Nobody went on a rampage. What has changed since that time? Couldn't possibly be the introduction of graphic violent movies, or video games, and a lack of parental control. During my growing years, there was always one parent home at all times. For economic reasons, today both parents have to work, so kids seem to have a lot of time to get into this growing culture of violence. What are the answers about violent video and movie and to an extent TV entertainment. I don't know. You can't ban them. They are protected by the same Constitution that protects us under the second amendment. What it will come down to, is our government will try to take apart the true meaning of the second, because what is allowed under the first amendment. The people who produce violence will not voluntarily restrain themselves, there is too much of a market, and money to be made. We, as parents, or as in my case, grandparents should know what our kids are watching and into. Nobody else will get involved until after something like the school shooting happens, and then we will switch into the "ban all guns, for the safety of our children" mode. This shooter was not a kid, and maybe his mother paid the price for how she raised him. I don't know. I never met either of them so to make a decision, is not possible as to what went wrong. The government does not know all gun owners, so it is not right to judge us en-mass as violent, and needing to be disarmed. These shootings are horrible. The loss is tragic, and those children, they are not replacible. I have never lost a child or someone I know, in this fashion. I cannot imagine what it is like. My heart goes out to the families, and prayers go out to our law makers to be fair to the lawful, non-violent gun-owners, and to work on ways to stem the growing aspects of violence in our country.
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People need to step back with their emotions and look at this situation for what it is. If you were a ruthless powerful out of control gov't who wanted to disarm all of its pesky armed citizens how would you do it? Obumer made the statement today that he would not talk about gun control but you can bet your ass that he will be talking about it tomorrow. Now you folks here at firearms talk may think I'm insensitive and crazy but I also never thought I would see the day that aluminum aircraft cut through solid reinforced steel like butter. I will say a prayer for the families of the victims today but I will also say a prayer for the democracy of America.
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I can't even touch on this, it makes F'n sick to think about.
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Any school willng to pay me 30k a year, I will guarantee this doesn't happen on my watch.

Crazy ****ers always go after easy targets. Nobody ever walked into a police station or somewhere else where people are armed, and tried to shoot it up.

My condolences to the families of these victims. I can't imagine the pain being felt by the parents of anyone taken in this act of savagery.

But disarmament isn't the answer. More people protecting schools and other places like them will deter this from happening.
If guns kill people, mine are defective.
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Schools have crossing guards who are oftentimes low paid retirees, the local Sheriffs have substations in some of the rural areas, staffed by volunteers. There are volunteer fire departments all over the country. Just sayin'.
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Originally Posted by vincent

Ditto...good sentiment...

As to your question...really no way to know for sure, but I'll answer it with another question...

Do you think these 2 azzhats would have gone into the school if they knew that they wouldn't be the ONLY ones that were armed?

Can't predict crazy but my guess is probably not since these types of people are effin' G****mn COWARDS!!!!!!!!!
I completely agree
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Well, it has begun!!! NBC I guess has ran out of fresh news about the awful tragedy in CT. Now the are drumming up the anti-gun propaganda! They can't focus on the real tragedy, they just wanna lay the blame one the instrument, not the person! The news stations are nothing but bottom feeders!
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