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Lima3069 05-29-2012 03:25 AM

Concealed Carry In Grey Areas in Ohio
Legal question time...The State of Ohio requires property owners to put a specific type of sign at all the entrances to their property, but what I notice with certain places (open air markets, shopping centers, malls) is that they don't have a sign plastered right to the front door like a gun owner is supposed to notice and obey, but if you take a quick glance at their "Rules of Conduct" poster (if they have one), you might see something like "deadly weapons are a prohibited item on this premises, including firearms". They may or may not have the same poster at every entrance tho their property. Now at this point, is concealed carry inside the property still allowable because the property does not prohibit it in the way that they are supposed to by the state, and the property is in the wrong, or because you notice it on the "Rules of Conduct", you cannot feign ignorance of the rules? The side of me that is a Law Enforcement Major says not to push their ignorance of the law, but the gun owner side wants to exploit their ignorance of the law. What is the opinion of the group?

rjd3282 05-29-2012 03:43 AM

The sign is supposed to be conspicuous. If it ain't on the entrance I wouldn't go looking for it. The only thing they can do if they notice you are carrying is ask you to leave.

beastmode986 05-29-2012 04:02 AM

i dont understand why people stop shopping at stores that wont allow you to carry firearms.sooner or later theyll realize there doing something wrong.

Lima3069 05-29-2012 05:22 AM


Originally Posted by rjd3282 (Post 817548)
The sign is supposed to be conspicuous. If it ain't on the entrance I wouldn't go looking for it. The only thing they can do if they notice you are carrying is ask you to leave.

It's just one of those, "I can't believe they missed that little detail" experiments that I was looking at because what I noticed, oddly enough, is that malls in middle-lower income areas (I kinda don't want to call it ghetto yet because it really ins't there YET) will have the sign or decal clearly in the window at every entrance like they have to under the law, even though it still sucks for me, and on the flip side, shopping centers in higher income places (I hate to say whiter communities but unfortunately that's usually how it stacks up) don't have the clear sign or decal in all of their doorways, but they have some grey language buried in a rules of conduct poster. The High Income areas don't keep up with the law because they've never been forced to adapt to changes in personal security, and they keep thinking, "I'm too rich for it to happen to me."

The question is that after you read the rules of conduct when there is no sign, can you argue that the establishment is ignorant of the law, and therefore you are immune from legal procedures, or should I not push their ignorance and just leave my gun in the car if I go to the food court?

rjd3282 05-29-2012 05:48 AM

Judging by your moniker I'd say we are from the same town. If you go to the Lima mall you will notice the signs at the main entrances but if you go through one of the stores like Penney's or Sears there are no signs. I just use the entrances with no signs. You aren't under any legal obligation to search out a sign or search for their rules.

1911Jeeper 05-29-2012 09:18 AM

Follow your state laws. Rules are just rules, and the law is the law. If I break a rule at the Mall, the unarmed rent a cop can ask me to leave.

In Mn the requirements for the size, typeface, and physical location of signs prohibiting firearms are very specifically and fully detailed in the state statutes for firearms permits. If the signage doesn't conform precisely, it isn't a legal notification and can be ignored. Your state laws may be different.

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