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Rentacop 03-24-2013 12:37 AM

The Case Against Background Checks
Feel free to copy and paste and send this letter to your representatives :
To :_________
There are bills now being considered that would expand the background check requirement on gun sales to include private sales and even ammunition purchases . Here is why background checks should be voted down :
1) The checks violate privacy rights . The government has no authority to force citizens to give up privacy simply to exercise their Second Amendment rights .
2) Information gained via checks can be easily hacked, sold or otherwise transmitted anywhere and stored forever . It can be used to intimidate or discredit individuals for political purposes .
3) Background checks are one more tool that can be used for gun confiscation .
4) These laws violate an individual's right to sell or give away his property ; violation of property rights .
Please let me know what actions you are taking to oppose background checks .
Thank you for your consideration of this problem .

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