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jeffkaiser1989 11-23-2013 04:13 PM

Buying a firearm out of state
So im looking at the High Standard 1911 and there is nobody around here that sells them. Im in ohio and the closest place i can find is Buds Gun Shop down in lexington KY. What is the process of buying a firearm out of state and if i was to travel to KY could i bring the gun back home to ohio with me or would i have to have it shipped to an FFL?

Dearhunter 11-23-2013 04:20 PM

You would be better off buying the gun from Buds and having it shipped to a FFL holder near you. I have bought several guns from Buds and never had a problem. My FFL only charges $20.

wittmeba 11-23-2013 04:21 PM

I'd suggest calling Bud's first and see what they tell you. Here is the link. I don't find an email in their contact us link but perhaps if you have an account and log into the account they will have one.

I'm sure if they can help sell their product they will.

MisterMcCool 11-23-2013 04:59 PM

You can only purchase pistols in your state of residence.
Buy online and have it shipped to a local dealer. Try this

John_Deer 11-23-2013 05:12 PM

When you have a gun shipped to an FFL if it is not in new condition you can refuse the gun, it won't cost you a penny. Once you do the paperwork and pay the FFL fee it's yours. If something seems awry send the gun back, don't think "oh, I can fix it."

ScottA 11-23-2013 05:27 PM

It's a piece of cake. I live on the border with Illinois and have bought several guns from a LGS across the river. There's a gunsmith down the road from my office that they ship it to. I pay in Illinois and fill out the paperwork in Iowa.

c3shooter 11-23-2013 07:22 PM

As the guys have said- it is ILLEGAL to acquire a handgun in a state that is NOT your state of residence (unless you have an 03 C&R FFL, and are getting a C&R handgun). Federal law 18 USC 922.

You can buy one and have shipped TO a dealer in your home state who would do the transfer to you.

Sniper03 11-23-2013 07:31 PM

The guys are correct! You will have to find an FFL Dealer in Ohio that will do a transfer for you. It is illegal to purchase pistols and revolvers from another state. The dealer will need to send a copy of his FFL to the business in KY and the business in KY will need to send him a copy. It is not a major problem, it just requires a little more effort once your dealer in Ohio agrees to do the transfer for you. They usually charge around $35.00 for a transfer if they are not a pirate. If the Ohio dealer is a pirate and tries to railroad you on the cost of the transfer I would not do any business with them. They have everything to gain by helping you! Your purchase of ammo, accessories and etc. So make contact with your dealer and then call the KY dealer and advise them you want to buy the pistol and have an Ohio dealer who will do the transfer for you. They both can fax a copy of their FFL to each other so no delay for having to mail it snail mail. They know the program!
Good luck and send us some pictures and a range report when you get your new pistol!

jeffkaiser1989 11-23-2013 08:35 PM

believe me once tax time rolls around this will probably be the gun i get! also thanks for the input guys!

Mercator 11-23-2013 10:20 PM


Originally Posted by jeffkaiser1989 (Post 1438777)
believe me once tax time rolls around this will probably be the gun i get! also thanks for the input guys!

What can make the trip worth it is handling and dryfiring the gun at the store, before deciding to pay for it. At a place like Bud's you will likely see many other models and compare hands on. If you 100% sure what you want - have it shipped and transferred locally.

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