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The “Assault Weapon” Rebellion

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Originally Posted by armoredman View Post
Mr Bloomberg is not an idiot. One does not become a multi-billionaire by being stupid. Mr Bloomberg is an aristocrat, one who strongly believes in differing classes of people, that those who are "life's winners" are here to instruct and direct the lower classes, and to force them to do those things that are beneficial to them that they are too stupid to do for themselves. All you have to do to see the truth is look at that statement he made about being first in line for heaven because he already earned his place. That is the type of person he is, and little people having evil firearms falls under the heading of "things they are too stupid to know they are too stupid to have". He is not an idiot, nor "developmentally disabled", but a dyed in the wool frustrated Duke of New York, who should have been born three centuries ago.
Sure he may not be an idiot. But he is a would-be tin pot dictator.
He is afflicted with the standard liberal arrogance. The fact that he's become extremely wealthy exacerbates the issue, because a bit of failure might have done him some good along the way. He simply assumes that since his way has worked for him this far, then it will continue to work going forward. Oh, and much like other liberals, he doesn't handle push back very well. "Nanny Bloomberg" seems like a good nick name.
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Personally, i feel that refering to them in any way other than "A Liberal" is the wrong tactic. If the word "Libtard" is insulting, and liberal Idiot is not, than why are so many of us riled up when we are classed as A-holes, Morons, idiots, etc?

All we do when we call them names is stoop to their level. Does anyone here want to be on the same level as someone who's battle cry is "Think of the Children dying because of GUNS!" or "Guns kill people!"?

The problem with arguing with a Liberal is this. They will start with their "logic", and when that fails, they will go to emotion. This will lead to yelling and screaming followed by name calling, which many on our side will soon participate in. At that point, the reasonable adult who you are trying to swing to your side will likely say to themselves, " Eff this, I don't want to be classed with EITHER ONE of these A-hats!", and both have failed in their mission. (Think Ted Nugent vs. Piers Morgan) Swallow your pride, sit on your anger, and above all else, avoid insults and yelling. Your message will be a hell of a lot more likely to stick that what the other guy is houting out because you will be the one who remains cool and calm.

IOW, Let the Liberal win the argument for you by not sinking to their level. Besides that, in most cases, the calmer you can stay, the more it will pizz the other guy off, and that is funny as hell.
Guns don't kill people. Blood loss and organ failure do.

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"If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so."
- Thomas Jefferson
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disappointed & disgusted, But DETERMINED...
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Originally Posted by WebleyFosbery38 View Post
No need to get all fired up Rocky, tug the thong out of your crack and understand that Im not telling you to do anything, just asking that you consider the fact that DD Citizens start out life screwed, they dont become that way because of their own choices (like Republicrats we despise).

Its just my personal belief that equating natural born idiots with someone born with mental retardation is paramount to kicking someone who's down that had no part in how they got there. There are very few folks that deserve a bit of extra consideration on this planet, Mentally Retarded folks fit that bill perfectly in my eyes. Humor and Politics do go together well but being Developmentally Disabled isnt funny, its a tragedy for those born with one or more disabilities they can never overcome.

Understand, the word "Tard" was and is very hurtful, Im pretty sure you know that, youve been around enough to know its not anything but a slam on those stricken with it for life.

MY grandson may not be an Einstein but he certainly isnt BHO, Algore or Joe Biteme either. He will never know the difference between conservative, Liberal or understand why one makes me proud, the other makes me puke.

Interesting that the term "Assault Weapon" is understandably an insufficient and untelling descriptive we pretty much all agree doesnt have a place in our conversations yet your OK with saddling an entire population of victims of genetic mutation equally with those born "Normal" yet intentionally ignorant.

Thats my last on this, say what you will just know that the war of words is just as consequential as a war with fists.

Once again Sarge, Well Said!! we need to get you your OWN Radio show!!!!

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