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80% lower crackdown

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Originally Posted by c3shooter View Post
My name? Sure. Wolf. Theron J. Wolf. Address? 1313 Mockingbird Lane, Mocking Bird Heights, CA (google it). My wife is shopping and took the credit card, but I have cash.
The poor guy living there has bought 80% lowers, 100-round magazines and full-auto parts...without ever knowing it!
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On the face of it; I cannot imagine what the ATF would have to say about the polymer lowers. Wouldn't they have had to approve of them first?
And someone said Ares is poking a rattlesnake with a short stick, which I agree with. They have been going around doing so much yelling over their sign....I get 10 or more E-mails from them a week, the You Tube videos.....someone was bound to notice, and start giving them some crap....What good is any of this going to do them, if the ATF just goes in and shuts them down?
I don't see what the problem is. Everybody is being nice, and getting along, and I, for one, am learning stuff. So, if you don't like the discussion, don't look at the thread. Or, simply cut to the chase, and close it.
Is there an age limit for a thread, after which we kill it?
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Isn't that Herman and Lily's place?

It's my understanding that 80% lowers are not registered to begin with, so if you pay cash there should not be a record of it anyway. Now if they are completing the lowers themselves, then selling them, now they must have a serial number of some kind and be transferred like any other completed lower.

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That's messed up!
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I also believe they're not the only ones to sell the polymer lowers.
And if it's about their sign that is just stupid.
sign has nothing illegal about it.

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They'll never say it was about the sign.
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Originally Posted by Vikingdad View Post
Yes, this is extremely troubling. They took the customer logs. I wonder what the requirement is for recording each and every customer's personal information for an 80% lower? My inclination as a customer would be to not provide the information and pay in cash.
If they took the A&D book then the customer's name and NICS # are all that's in that book. However, I believe the ATF can reference that NICS number to information input into the NICS system such as: name, age, state of residence, height, weight, social, place of birth, and type of firearm.

If the ATF took the actual 4473 Ares keeps on file then they'll have the customer's actuall physical address and driver's license number.

With 80% lowers the only information the ATF can get about customers is what Ares put into their book keeping software since a 4473 is not necessary for the purchase of an 80% lower.
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Originally Posted by Ez2b View Post
I also believe they're not the only ones to sell the polymer lowers.
And if it's about their sign that is just stupid.
sign has nothing illegal about it.

Did they do something else to make it even easier? I thought I read something about 2 different types of polymer being used by them so that it was incredibly easy to complete the lower because the drill almost stopped itself when it hit the thicker polymer.

This may not be true and may be internet rumors.

Also I heard that there was an illegal gun manufacturing ring busted in California and they had a lot of Ares parts so this may not be directed at Poly lowers but they could be under investigation for possibly knowingly supporting an illegal gun manufacturer. Again this is just internet rumor that I'm hearing and I don't have any news articles to support it.
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If only our government overlords could get rid of that pesky shall not be infringed part of the second ammendment... oh nm the supreme court ignores it anyway. Nothing to see here
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The term "80 percent lower" is a figment of someone's imaginative marketing ploy. The BATFE has never defined the term. The BATFE rules that the "unfinished" lower meets it's definition of a firearm receiver or not. Yep, the BATFE will not say how that is accomplished.

A good read on the polymer lower:

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