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KMO 07-19-2010 07:26 PM

Trigger Job the Finishing Touch
I have a few simple things I have always done to my own Mini-14's to improve their accuracy and performance. Of the 3 Mini's that I have right now, one 196-series just hasn't been as consistent as the other two rifles. I double-checked the torque tension on the 4 gas block screws and found that I had a small problem there. The other thing I did was send in the trigger assembly for a trigger job, something I hadn't tried before. I shipped it over to masterPsmith (here on this forum), as I wanted an experienced gunsmith who really knows (and likes) the Mini-14. He got it back to me in under a week, and the difference was obvious even before I reinstalled the assembly. The trigger has a nice even pull with a lighter (but not too light) break. The result...I took the Mini out right away and put a 20-round magazine through it. What a difference! A trigger job really is something for the Mini-14 owner's must-have list. This rifle is just dead-on, even after several rounds fired in succession. My only other two Mini's feel like junk now when I pull the trigger. This is a great improvement...Jim really does nice work...;)

masterPsmith 07-20-2010 03:21 AM

Thanks much Kelly, I'm pleased your happy with it. Enjoy your Mini. Let me know the next time you will be coming through my area so we can meet up. My usual shooting spot is only a few minutes from the house.........


KMO 07-27-2010 03:06 AM


My only other two Mini's feel like junk now when I pull the trigger.
Trigger jobs are somewhat like Lays potato chips. You get one done, and you can't stop. I have masterPsmith working on the trigger assembly from my factory tactical model, which is also my most accurate Mini. I'm sure this will be a nice setup. If some of you guys would purchase a Mo-Rod, I'll be able to afford a third trigger job for my last Mini...:cool:

KMO 08-11-2010 10:13 PM

Took my factory tactical model out after the trigger job. The Mo-Rod is the only other modification on this rifle. 80 yards from a bean bag rest...

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