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Tired of the Hate and lack of mutual respect

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I am a black gun guy BUT I am looking into adding a mini to my collection, there is something about them when you have them in your hands.
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idk where im at in florida i have a saiga ak47 oly arms ar15 colt m16 glock springfield XDm several old school .22 caliber rifles 6 or 7 shotguns and a cuple of 30/30s i hold no hate i love all guns equal == )
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Originally Posted by 1bigtarge View Post
idk where im at in florida i have a saiga ak47 oly arms ar15 colt m16 glock springfield XDm several old school .22 caliber rifles 6 or 7 shotguns and a cuple of 30/30s i hold no hate i love all guns equal == )
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Originally Posted by Dillinger View Post
Everyone just chill out. What's will all the thin skin lately? Cabin Fever Kicking in and everyone wants to get out shooting?

Tango answered a post that he thought, admittedly mistakenly, was in the OPEN RIFLE SECTION.

For the money the OP was posting he wanted to spend, Tango offered an alternative.

He didn't post anything that was out of the ordinary, or even out of line, but it was PERCEIVED to be a slap in the face of the Mini-14 Platform.

Tango reported his own post and asked that it be reviewed. He made a mistake and he manned up and admitted it.

People have opinions. Sometimes people ask open ended questions that other posters respond with information that is counter to what the OP wanted to know.

It's the Interwebz people. If everyone was right all the time, it would be a pretty boring place...
You nailed it right on the head, Cabin Fever! I've seen this on other sites, when one gets cooped up and the weather keeps you from going out and having fun it seems like we get just a little bit too crabby.
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[QUOTE=M14sRock;270684]It seems like every discussion about Mini14's turns into a Mini14 vs AR15 thread. OK, they each have their pros and cons so why the hate?

I own several of each and like them all. And they all shoot fine.

The main limitation for me is the ballistics of the 5.56x45 round. I like a round with a bit more balls if I'm going to use it past about 300 yards. At that range both work fine.

One of the things I liked about the Mini when I first tried it was the weight. Was it accurate enough for 300 yard shots on ground squirrels? Not really. But neither was an almost comparably light weight CAR 15. But both worked on jackrabbits and yotes.

Mini 14 mags were always expensive, and M16 mags were very affordable.
Mini 14 mags are slower and take more skill to change than AR mags.

But I have had far more malfunctions in AR's than in Minis (but the advent of the Defender "D" Ring solved that). And every one I've had with the Mini was crappy mag related. I've never had a Mini14 malfunction with a Ruger mag. Never.

Traditionalists seem to like Mini14's. And if you want one to be really accurate, bed the action and do a trigger job. Maybe send it to Accuracy Systems?

If an entry level AR is more your speed, by all means get one.

I like both platforms.

I also like constructive conversations about guns. Not posts intended to flame, ambush or incite.

To borrow a question from Rodney King, "Can't we all just get along?"[/QUOTE I feel the same way with AR's and AK's, apples to oranges, good and bad.
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I"m sorry everyone, I should have let this thread die.
If the pain is lacking so is the discipline...

"the only 911 call I need is chambering a round" - Mr. Muller, MO car dealer
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IMO,The AR. and the Mini were designed for to different things. Ones a military weapon, the other a sporting rifle. The Mini was not built for sustained fire. When people try to get more out of one that was intended, that's where the trouble starts. Even the AC-556 select fire model had problems. I owned a semi auto awhile back, and liked it very much. Had some mag. problems but that was easily fixed.
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I like my new Ruger Tactical Ranch Rifle. It has the "ears" on the front sight, poly stock and flash suppressor, but says "Ranch Rifle" on the upper receiver. Maybe it's for Mexican ranches where cartel violence is rife.

Anyway, I traded a a Golani Sporter for the Ruger.

The Golani jammed every 7 rounds, got 6-inch groups at 50 yards (off a bench ) weigh about twice as much as the Ruger, was nearly impossible to reassemble because of the poorly fitted dust cover and had a finish like bad primer spray paint. It also had a canted front sight (Thanks, Century Arms!)

The Ruger never malfunctions, is much more accurate.

I had a Colt AR-15when I was younger, but I never was impressed. I'm more of a M1 Carbine / Garand sort of guy. Plus, a lot of guys HATED Stoner guns at the time, and it rubbed off on me. To this day, I have no desire for an AR

I'm now saving my rubles to get a AK-47. I just hope it works better than the Golani.
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Originally Posted by spittinfire View Post
I"m sorry everyone, I should have let this thread die.
Hell close it up. The points were made right? Spitty this is all your fault, everyone point in his general direction and thank Spitty.

BEWARE!!! The toes you step on today may be connected to the ass you kiss tomorrow.

PM Tango about his upcoming SHARTFOO courses.
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As you wish.
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