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TexasVet 02-16-2012 07:05 PM

Mini14 Upgrade or Mini30
Hi there all, been a while.
I've pretty much decided to get a rifle to offset my pistol. 4050SOCOM is outa my league so...
I have done some extensive reasearch on 7.62X39 and 300AAC BLACKOUT, both more as 'suppressed sub-sonic loads' than high velocity stuff, I don't hunt, I shoot.

So, I'm after a barrel maker that does 300BLK for a mini14 OR just going with a mini30 and load it down a bit for larger projectiles, ie.200gr.

The advice I seek is
'who makes mini14 barrels in 300BLK and would this be a good choice' versus
'Just get a mini30 and scrounge for sub-sonic handload info as this is the better choice.
I know a new 300 BLK barrel and gas block will cost me but I think it is worth it for what I would get.
Got any tips? Appreciate all feedback. well maybe not 'all'. Thanks

JTJ 02-16-2012 07:18 PM

I am not sure of the 7.62x39 chamber dimensions on the Mini but you might have a problem with the longer heavier bullets. Would you be able to load the heavier bullets to the max OAL of the round and would the twist rate be correct? Would you be able to get suitable 200 grn bullets in .310"? It seems that the Blackout barrel would be designed for the heavier bullets but will the BO work in the Mini's mags as they do in the AR mags? I know it is more questions than answers.

scottybaccus 02-16-2012 07:21 PM

Any gunsmith adept at rebarreling a rifle can make you a barrel. The two i know of that already offer caliber change barrels for the Mini-14 are Accuracy Systems and ARS. You can google both with Mini-14 and get the right links.

Rebarreling seems an expensive "shooter", but I like the gee whiz factor.
If it were me, I would consider having one made up in Wilson's new 7.62 x 40 Wildcat. It's more friendly to heavy bullets than the 300 Blackout and uses .223 cases that are more magazine friendly than the 7.62x39.

TexasVet 02-16-2012 07:49 PM

[edited] I need to say that I'm not fond of the AR platform at all, for any caliber, not a purist, just old school. 30-06,308 heritage. I really like Springfield Amory's M1A Scout Squad but price is a deal breaker.

Part of the info I found that convince me the 300BLK was worth a look is here 300BLK and the drawings are here SAAMI

The 7.62 can load up to 200 gr and I would experiment in HARD cast lead bullets along with currently available jacketed offerings..
AFAIK the twist rate would have to be 1 in 10" - 1 in 8" with 1 in 8" being better for heavy 308s or 310s
all 300BLK loads work with the standard mini14 223 mags

For Scotty, if ARS is Accuracy Rifle Systems in Odessa TX, I sent them an email on 300 bbls about a week ago asking, because they don't have the caliber listed, and have not gotten a response yet.
And thanks, I've looked over Accuracy Systems and like their stuff so far.
I don't know about 7.62X40 Wilson but have looked at 300 Whisper and 300-221, 300 Fireball but are all 'wildcats' and I wanted to keep some costs in check so wasn't liking wildcats so much.

JTJ 02-16-2012 11:11 PM

I have a Mini 30. I acquired it fairly recently and have been playing around with it. I do have reloading dies and a small supply of brass. I am somewhat familiar with the 300 BO and I think it would be a better choice. I was not sure it would work in the Ruger mags as it does in the AR mags. The fact that it can use 223 brass is a plus and the higher mag capacity is another big plus. A better choice in bullets too. I had not thought of converting a Mini. It sound interesting.

TexasVet 02-17-2012 12:20 AM

You're not the only one who hasn't thought much about converting a mini JTJ, especially since Ruger started the 6.8 SPC, which I didn't think went far enough. 277 bullets are way better than 224s at the velocities they are driven. but 308s are like bringing a hammer to a fistfight.

All the craze is the AR 15 platform and all the configurations available. That's ok. lots of folk like new and high tech. And it sells. That's how I first got interested in the 458SOCOM by Teppo Jutsu. It's just a little too unique and as a 'one off' very expensive both in rifles and ammo for a casual shooter.

JTJ 02-17-2012 06:51 PM

I hope you keep us posted on this project. It sound very interesting.

TexasVet 02-17-2012 07:21 PM

Well it isn't officially a 'project'. Having never done anything like this before, there seems to be a lot of ducks to line up, and I want it to go in an orderly manner.
I will contact Accuracy Systems first, I guess, to see if they are interested in the caliber or if they intend to cut a reamer for it so they can start advertising barrels. Closest one advertised is 300Whisper.
If they are going to introduce 300 BLK then I will move forward from there. I don't currently own a mini so I have to decide to buy the whole rig from AS or find a deal on used and upgrade. Even used are getting pricey compared to new these days.
I'll come back and bump the thread if I need to when things start to happen. Thanks JTJ

JTJ 02-17-2012 09:31 PM

I have been seeing the older models going for $450 to $500 in both blue and stainless. There is a stainless Ranch with rings at one of the LGS for $500. I have been hearing complaints about quality on the newer 580's

firstsoldier 02-22-2012 12:05 PM

Don't really have anything against mini 14s but if you want .223 or 7.62x39 you're better off with an AK47 to my way of thinking. Proven reliablity and less expensive. I have a AK with, peep rear sight, new foregrip, red dot scope, vertical foregrip, underfolder, new hand grip, surefire light, lazer, M16 flash suppressor all for under $700. Don't really like AR 15 platform either, am also old school, M14, HK 91 ect. As always the old firstsoldier.

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