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kiwi5 03-21-2012 07:06 PM

Mini 14 destroys Mueller Scope!
Just a mini review of my negative experience with mueller scopes- I mounted a Mueller 2-7x32 Multi Shot scope on my mini 14 and while the interesting dot reticle seemed to work good out to 200m, the front of the scope blew out after about 75 rounds. Obviously the mighty mini 14 recoil was way too much for the scope. I sent it back to mueller and was informed that they would not replace the scope (unless I paid for the new one) but had repaired it. They told me that the enamel spray paint I had put on the scope would cause mounting issues and suggested the paint had contributed in some way to the scope blowing up :confused: They also claimed that I had screwed the rings so tight that the scope had "massive dents" on it. Absolute rubbish- I know how to mount scopes and IF there actually were massive dents on the scope (which there was not) then the scope is made of tin. So the fine folk at mueller said I could pay for the shipping of the "repaired" scope but they could not guarantee it would mount properly. I've just emailed them and let them know they could keep it. I have since mounted a very clear Bushnell Trophy 3-9x40 on my mini14. This scope has been mounted on multiple rifles without any issues or "massive dents" and will work fine. Buy Mueller at your own risk- or mount them on the lowest recoiling rifle you have- like a BB gun.:):) I should also mention that when illuminating the dot, the illumination actually appears offset to the upper right of the black dot. This also occured on a Mueller3-10x40 Sport Dot (which I sent back after one of the target turrets snapped off in a very minor knock. After paying the difference in price Mueller sent me the Sport Dot as exchange).

Txhillbilly 03-22-2012 02:47 AM

Kiwi5,I hate to here about your problems with Mueller.
While they are not the strongest scopes made,they are a decent scope for what they cost.
Mini 14's have always been hard on optics,and have taken out much more expensive scopes over the years.

I have 2 Mueller Eradicator scopes,and they have been very good scopes for years.I received the first one many years ago as a gift,and mounted it on one of my 300WM rifles just to see if I could kill it. Over 500 rounds later,it was still working like new,so it got mounted on one of my AR15 varmint rifles and was used for several more years.I just recently took it off,and replaced it with a better scope with a lower magnification for a better field of view.

Muellers do have thin tubes,and if you don't lap your scope rings you will damage the tubes when torquing the rings down.So if you didn't lap your rings,chances are,you did damage the scope tube.Also if you didn't use an inch pound torque screwdriver when tightning the screws,you will damage the scope tube.
Whether or not the damage to the tube had anything to do with your scopes failure doesn't matter when it come to Mueller's warranty.To them,the scope wasn't properly installed,and they can/will void your warranty.
Yes,they are pretty shi**y when it comes to their warranty,but they also sell a lower end scope,so I wouldn't expect much to begin with.

I mount all of my scopes in Burris Signature Zee rings.They have plastic inserts that keep the rings from leaving ring marks on the tubes.But even when torqued properly,they leave imprints on the tubes of the Muellers.If I had a problem with either scope,they would void my warranty also,and there are absolutely no other marks or scratches on them.

With optics,generally you get what you pay for.So when you buy a cheap scope,don't expect much from it.
When I was younger,I would never buy a higher end scope.But after using and breaking a lot of lower end scopes I learned a lesson-You can't shoot what you can't see,and buy all of the scope that you can afford.Even if you have to save up for a year to get the scope that you want.

Once you get a higher end scope,you'll never buy another cheap one.

kiwi5 03-22-2012 02:56 AM

Well put, I got suckered into their marketing and actually believed that they could offer an outstanding product at a low price. I certainly won't make that mistake again! The seven year old Bushnell Trophy I've put on the Mini14 has held up to some tough abuse over the years and has great glass, so it should go great on the Mini- but I'm saving up for a leupold vx-r.....after I get the Archangel Sparta stock..:D

plumbernater 03-23-2012 02:33 PM

The minis forward slam of the action is what does the scopes in. They are designed to take recoil the other direction. The fixed power scopes do well on the mini. Hope this info helps helps some.

kiwi5 03-23-2012 11:49 PM

If my mini was less accurate I would go with a fixed 4 power Weaver, but unfortunately it is extremely accurate and I really need the ability to dial it up when the long range shots are needed. So far the Bushnell Trophy is holding its own (100 odd rounds so far).....

hawkguy 03-24-2012 03:12 AM

my scope has been fine so far (knock knock).

have you tried running a front buffer to tame the recoil a bit?

kiwi5 03-24-2012 09:05 PM

I'm assuming you are running a Mueller? Best of luck there! I might try buffers down the line, but the Bushnell Trophy is handling the shock with no problems. The fact that Mueller has no warranty to cover their substandard tubes counts them out for any further consideration. I left my scope with Mueller and told them they could keep it. Depending on budget, I may upgrade to a Burris Fullfield 3-9x40 but I really want the Leupold VXR firedot....just have to ration beer and meat for a while....:D

W. C. Quantrill 03-27-2012 12:28 AM

My Mini eats Bushnell Trophys. I just got one back from repair and have it mounted and cant get it to zero. I am going to have to shim it probably .003 on the rear mount to get it anywhere on paper at 50 yards.......the rifle is shooting low......we are talking 18" at 50 yards.

Stillwater 03-27-2012 02:00 AM

If you buy Leupold, you never have problems with the scope, or the warrenty, from Leupold either.


kiwi5 03-27-2012 05:02 AM

I've got my mini at about 1" high at 60 meters (that's shooting standing up, resting the mini out the kitchen window, with a target in the field). Hornady 55grain practice steel ammo groups three shots just under an inch at this range. I almost ran out of windage (lefty shooter) with the windage knob 3 cliks back from maxed out to the left. Having said that, the Trophy is hanging tough so far, my budget will allow for either a Weaver 3-9x38 or a Bushnell 3200 Elite 3-9x40 to eventually replace. The glass on the Weaver and Bushnell Elite is way better than the Trophy (I checked out these scopes at the local gun shop), but it will do for now! I would love a Leupold VXR, but I've got to get the Sparta stock before anything else. Must have Sparta....

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