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I bought my mini-14 ranch a while back.its been a great rifle and with handloads it does shoot really well.mine has the 9-1 twist and seems to like the 62 gr fmjbt bullets.they will never be a target rifle but if your a coyote bigger than a coke can your in trouble.

Mini-14 - Mini-14 Forum

Mini-14 - Mini-14 Forum

Mini-14 - Mini-14 Forum

Mini-14 - Mini-14 Forum
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I've had my Mini14 for 4 or 5 years. It's not finicky, goes bang when you pull the trigger (even when you use ultra cheap ammo) and doesn't seem to mind dirt and dust. My experience is that coyotes, javelina and feral pigs do not enjoy being on the business end of the Mini14.

You could probably make a better choice for a target rig, but for something that shoots straight and is plenty lethal to lots of critters, the Mini14 is a fine gun.
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Originally Posted by Franchise View Post
For me, it was an expensive gun that I wouldn't use for hunting and I can't afford to fire 1000 rounds a month to really enjoy it for strictly range shooting. If that is the gun you want, by all means get it. I would offer this, though. For that kind of money, you could get two good, practical guns and some ammo or accessories to boot. I'm all hung up on a gun that I just have to have as well. Its a CZ 550 Full Stock 30-06 or maybe a .308. They are around $800. I would hunt with it if I did get it. A plinking gun is fun for sure, but an expensive one starts to wear on you after a while. If you want a .223 for varmints or such, there are much better options for less money. If you want a fun, high cap semi-auto. There are far less expensive options. The decision is, of course, yours but you could buy a nice pistol and rifle for the same money and have more versatile weapons.
I use mine for hunting hogs, deer, yotes, and other varmits. It has 4 deer 2 hogs and a few coyote kills so far.

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my uncle gave me this mini 14 for my birthday, i shot it yesterday at his ranch. i hit the x on the silhouette target 28 times and had 2 more rounds in the 9 ring at 100 yards its freaking accurate, it doesn't hurt that i was taught to shoot by the worlds best instructors when i was a marine. i have read a lot of people say that they are not accurate and that it takes a lot of money to make them accurate. i say bull! you just need to know how to shoot.
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I love my stainless mini ranch because I do most of my hunting in places reached by travel in an open skiff I give it a shot of wd40 and its happy and it makes me happy
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Default Mini 14

If you want great accuracy with a mini 14 buy the target version with the thumb hole stock, heavy barrel and harmonic stabilizer. Put a good scope on it and it will drive tacks. I bought mine a couple of years ago in .223 and it shoots real nice groups at 100-200 yards! The ranch rifle is not as accurate but lots of fun to shoot too. If you want to hunt bigger game than varmits and cayote, buy it in 7.62 x 39 or 6.8spc (my choice).
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First off, this is not a Mini-14 bashing forum and we will not bash the AR here either. If all anyone wants to do is bash the Mini, go to the AR forum and do it there.
Amen Jim. It's really a bizarre thing that AR owners feel the need to "convert" others to their .223 platform...cult-like almost.

As for the Mini-14, it's really a great little carbine. I've had a great time with The accuracy issues can be addressed inexpensively, and the newer Mini's really don't have issues. They shoot very well right out of the box.

gotta run...need to go convert some AR guys...
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I have a old 181 that is a good shooter. I have put a mo rod and a mo reaper on mine. She goes bang very time I pull the trigger. Most people can shoot pretty good at a range, but I have found say hunting the same sharp shooter at the range in the woods aiming at a deer cant hit a barn from the inside and that is the AR shooters as well. Dont get me wrong Id like to have a AR too. Heck Id like one of every rifle. The new minis do have a better barrelMini-14 - Mini-14 Forum
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I had not done any off hand shooting in a while so I started shooting my 22 riffles off hand at 25 yards. I used to do better with pistols. I see I am going to have to practice a lot more and then move out to 50 yards and so on. I like my rifles to be as accurate as possible to minimize my bad shooting. If a rifle shoots 4" groups and I am off 4" that is an 8" miss. Of course it might go the other way and be in the bull. So far I am finding heavy crosshairs at 3X seems to work well and the red dot does OK. Fine crosshairs are harder to keep lined up. I am thinking a post would work really well but dont have one to try. The heavier rifles also work better. I can hold my Mini a lot steadier than the light 22. The weight of the folded bipod might also help.
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I consider the 'it has no accuracy' predjudice the same as the M9 Beretta's "it breaks when you shoot it" story. Both were once true and both were addressed and are not an issue anymore, but old opinions die hard and many people without direct experience with the weapons are quick to propagate the stories to others just because they have "read it somewhere"

For some reason, the AR folks feel it necessary to compare their platform to the Mini 14 even though they are only comparable via the round they fire. Maybe they just feel the need to justify all the $$$ they spend to add the toys and latest gizmos to them.

The AR was designed for combat, the mini is styled after a combat weapon and has similar functionality as the M1 but was not built as a combat weapon (even though some countries do use it in LEO and MP usage). As such it should not be compared head to head to the AR in a combat catagory.

I guess it would be a better comparison for the AR to Mini to have both weapons thrown in the back of a pickup, dragged around in the mud awhile, shot continusly with little maintainence, and generally used by folks who don't pamper their weapons. Then after about a week of this 'field test' compare the continued performance and reliability of both platforms and perhaps the merits of the mini will become obvious due to it's simplicity, dependablity and ease of use.

I have made only a couple mods to mine (580 series with tapered barrel) being a socom strut and a tech sights rear sight. It shoots as good as I do.

I can see a difference between my friends target version with the bull barrel and harmonic balancer in regards to accuracy when compared to my Ranch version, but I can stll do pretty good groups with my Ranch - certinaly good enough to use for plinking and varmit hunting or if need be, defense.

Just my .02

Mini-14 - Mini-14 Forum
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