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Brother_COM 09-04-2011 06:26 PM

M1-A Style Sights???
OK... I need the Mo-Reaper, which is hands down the best MB/front sight available, but I'd ALSO like an M-14 M1-A Style rear sight. 1 click = 1MOA @100 yards. Has anybody seen an M1-A style sight for the Mini? Like I have pictured: Thanks guys!

P.S I just shot the Mini ALL DAY LONG at a USRA (U.S. Rifle Association,) shoot in Illinois. Scopes are stupid. I tried for half the morning to use new scope but excelled when I went back to my rear Tech-Sights and modified front blade post. At 100 yards, prone off-hand, and sitting positions I was:
8-10" scattered group with SCOPE, and 4-6" with open sights.... Go figure???:confused:

mrm14 09-04-2011 07:40 PM

What rifle is that rear sight you have pictured here off of? Looks M1A ish.

My buddy and I had been toying around with prototyping and possibly manufacturing a scaled down copy of a M1A rear sight modified to fit the newer mini 580 series. My buddy owns a prototyping and small production CNC shop and we've done a few money making projects togeather in the past, but not recently. We saw that Tech Sights had came out with their own replacement sight at the first of this year which looks pretty good and figured we would loose our arse trying to compete. Only issue I would have with the Tech sight offering is that one click is 7/8 moa. That would actually not be that much of an issue for me however.

Brother_COM 09-05-2011 12:10 PM

mrm14, I have the 580 TechSights on my mini right now and like them. I think TechSights are 5/8" per click, but the reason I want an M1 style is to quickly change range settings - No tools required. This way I won't have to whip that little tool out of my pocket and struggle to change Elevation. Actually,... I suppose it's more of an AR style that I'm looking for.
Thanks for the reply!

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