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KMO 04-21-2010 02:19 PM

Front Buffer Success? Heat Resistant?
Several here have already discovered that 1911 pistol recoil buffers fit nicely in the Mini-14. Of course, this is at the guide rod (rear) end of the assembly. Some have experimented with a second buffer at the front end too, placed around the gas pipe. I saw MasterPsmith's photo of one that he used at that end, and it resembled the "cooked" experiments I've tried. Does anyone know of a heat-resistant material that also has a cushioning effect? As I stated on another thread, I grew weary of the molten "goo" I was creating, so I haven't tried anything recently. Ideas?

Deadman1 04-22-2010 12:03 AM

You probably should check into a bi-layer or even a three layer EPDM material. Like what high performance automotive hoses are made from. It won't be subject to melting and probably has some of the buffering qualities you're looking for. ;) Any gearhead will know what it is.

KMO 04-22-2010 01:24 AM

I actually have tried some high temp automotive gasket material, but it didn't have much real cushion to it. After awhile, it tended to get harder. But, Deadman1, you might have something there with your "three-layer EPDM material" idea. Problem is, I'm not sure the employees at my local NAPA can even spell EPDM material...:cool:

m72law 04-22-2010 01:36 AM

if you can find some 1/4'' viton works great for buffer making....just have a sharp razor knife handy and you can use spent cases (chamfer until really sharp) for the recoil spring/s hole..i have shot over 1500rds out of my M-14 polytech rifle after installing a homegrown buffer using viton gasket...and the buffer still looks new;)

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