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Brother_COM 09-07-2011 12:16 AM

Blowback (FTE) problems with my 580 Ranch Rifle.
Guys I know the title looks a bit perverted.... but here's my situation: I have shot approx 250 rounds through my mini with ZERO jams. Then I did a typical cleaning and lube of the WHOLE gun and now it seems once every 10 - 20 rounds a shell WON'T eject all the way. It ALMOST makes it out but the incoming round pinches it in there. I rack the slide and all is well again. What could I have done to cause this? Is there a seal on the gas block?


masterPsmith 09-07-2011 02:26 PM

What series rifle do you have ???
Depending on which series you have, you may have inverted the recoil spring guide rod when you installed it after cleaning. A photo of your Mini as it is with the stock removed would help. You can also refer to the owner's manual for proper re-assembly.


Brother_COM 09-07-2011 09:03 PM

Owner's manual?.... I'm a man! - What would I need a manual for?
Just kidding Jim. I really didn't take that out so I don't THINK that's the problem, But I will check it out.
Is the spring distinct on one end or the other?
BTW my rifle is a 580 Ranch Rifle


hawkguy2 09-07-2011 09:52 PM

i think masterp has a great idea, that could be it. check that spring guide.

also, consider ammo. some have had jamming probs with some of the cheapo ammo (i think pmi is one that was a concern).

i have heard of some 581 that have just had jamming probs. some have had to be sent back. it seems there may have been a bad run with 581 somewhere along the line. i hope yours isn't in this category.

check the spring & try different ammo. and i assume you are using factory mags? hopefully it is just something easy. my mini has about 900 rounds with only one jam so far.....

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