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rifleman55 01-23-2011 02:30 AM

Best Mini 14 Scope Rail
Ruger turned out a bunch of Minis with defective scope mounts a little while ago.
I was rather dissapointd in them as the machinery to cut the scallops that the rings fit into was messed up and Ruger just kept cranking out the Mini's until they got the new machinery to fix the problem.
The badly cut scallops have cause verious degrees of problems depending on how bad they were.
From what I have heard, thousand of rifles were produced with defective mounts.
Mine was really bad, ruined a scope and a rail will not sit flat. I sent it back to Ruger, they sent it back saying the mounts were in spec.

I got togather with another gunsmith and we contacted Ken Farrel. He makes the best rails in the world, used on just about every custom rifle made.
Togather we developed a bullet proof rail, the best available.

Anyway, Ken is now making a mount that does not rely on the scallops to hold the mount. It requires drilling and tapping one hole on each side of the ejection port on the top of the receiver, There are screws that fit into the slots also, but no drilling or tapping is needed there, it just locates and gives additional support.
It holds the rail rock steady and has perfect aligment with the bore.

If you have problems with your mounts or just want the best mount, contact Ken Farrell. His mounts are the best, hands down and a good solid mount is very important, especially on a semi auto that kicks like the Mini does.
Very good looking mount, picitinny rail and the quality is he best. It will not harm an expensive optic. His specs for streightness are the best in the industry.

John K

KMO 01-24-2011 11:26 PM

Photos??? ;)

dunerunner 01-24-2011 11:55 PM


rifleman55 01-25-2011 03:11 AM

Ill get a phot posted, for info, contact Ken Farrel, do a web search, the guy make the best mount available.

John K

rifleman55 01-25-2011 03:56 AM

Ken Farrel Mount
3 Attachment(s)
Here are 3 pics of the mount on my old Mini.
The mount is attached by two screws into holes drilled and tapped into the top of the receiver.
The other two screws then go into the slots to further stabilize the mount and push upward on it once the mounting screws are tightened to keep them from coming loose.
The mount can go in either direction so the long end can face forward or to the rear.
If you don't like the long end, it's easy to just mill it off.
It is located carefully before the holes are drilled and tapped so it's right over the bore. It simply will not come loose and due to it's design, will stay perfectly flat and never hurt an optic.

Right now Ken is only selling them through SavageGunsmithing
The smith, Scott does the mounting and being a Master Gunsmith will get it on perfect.The mount does not use the scallops at all, so no matter how bad Ruger may have cut them, the mount will still fit perfect and have perfect alignment. It's about 20 times stronger than Rugers mount.

John K

doctherock 01-25-2011 05:01 AM

pretty sweet looking mount, only problem I see is no usable iron sights.

rifleman55 01-25-2011 02:35 PM

I had a M1 Carbine sight on it and took it off when the rifle was sent to Farrel for fitting of the new rail. The rail can be turned around to allow for the rear sight to be left on. A regular sight should fit under the rail if folded.
If you want the rail to be shorter so that you can have both the rear sight and be able to remove the handguard, it's easy to just mill off the long end.
It was designed so that you can use the rail in either direction and allows for a more forward placement of the scope if desired.
I had another rail, one that used the scallops on the rifle that I milled the rail so it was shorter to allow the sights to be in place and allow the handguard to be removed also because I didn't need all the length the rail had.

Better to have the rail longer if needed and be able to modify it if you don't want it as long.

John K

rifleman55 02-01-2011 03:49 PM

I should add that the holes on either side of the middle screw hole, which are the screws that hold the mount to the rifle are for screws that have had the tips turned so they fit right into the little scallops on the top of the rifle bridge. The mount can be put on in either direction. They offer extra support.

The thing I like about this mount is that it does not depend on the scallops cut on the one side of the action. Ruger has been known to cut them off to different degrees, and with the Farrel mount, you get a rock solid mount that you know will be 100% parrelel to the bore and also will be very tight as to the tollerences as all Farrel mounts are, so you will be putting no strain your scope. To me, it was well worth the price.

Good mounts are not cheap, but good glass costs much more. The mount goes a long way to insure there will be no problems with the scope from putting strain on it. Having the scope perfectly in line with the bore insures the scope will shoot where aimed at different distances, not just the distance it was sighted in at.
My scope mounts were cut so badly, it ruined a cheap scope I put on and when I tried a Weigand mount, it just sat canted.
I sent the rifle to ruger, they pulled out the bedding I had done, replaced my good trigger, put the gas block on crooked and chipped the OP rod cover.
The sent it back saying the scope mount was in spec. I was more than a little mad, they told me to send it back again, I said no way, they messed it up bad enough, turned it from an MOA rifle to a 2.5 MOA rifle, I just got the Farrel mount, replaced all the bedding, re worked the trigger and got the gas block on correctly, replaced the OP rod cover and now I have a shooter again. It has shot a best of .092", 5 @ 100 yds now. No way will I ever let Ruger put their hands on it again. The scope mount was just one of 5 things wrong with it right out of the box.
Once fixed and modified, I now have a very good shooting and reliable rifle, which is all I wanted in the first place. I'm happy as can be with it now, just not all that pleased with Ruger.

Best Regards, John K

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