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pagj17 07-20-2012 07:12 AM

Yesterday at the Range (RIA 1911)
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Took out my slightly modified RIA 1911 MS, Came to me as a bone stock "GI Build" I still need to dovetail a front sight in, and re-blue it, as I ended up sorta messing that up:p

Any how, I'm not sure if I or the ammo was to blame( PMC 45ACP)
But I'll blame myself, until I take it out with a box of Black Hills ammo.
I was shooting at about 12 yards, relatively slow fire, and in the target was around 65-70 Rounds.
The first 4-6 of each magazine were all where I put them, then I'd start to get fliers, I think was just speeding up, and that is the cause of the wider groups.
Any how, On another target, I got to use my dad's brand new LC9, which I loved, and my mom did better than he did with it. However she did not do well with her LCR(38spl) While coaching her, I actually watched one of the Fiochi rounds go off about 15 degrees from point of aim.

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