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Txhillbilly 04-05-2013 03:30 AM

Testing some different components out
Last week I went to the range to try out a different powder,primer,and a few different bullets. I took my Savage 110FLP 25/06,the 6.5 Creedmoor and 7mm-08 that I built,and the DPMS LR-260.
I bought an 8lb jug of Hogdon Hybrid 100V powder along with 5K Tula Large Magnum Rifle primers. I've never used this powder before,but the burn rate is close to H4350 and it is a small grain powder that meters well. I also have never tried Tula primers,and since components are hard to find right now,I thought I'd go ahead and try them out.
I usually don't use Magnum primers,but they work fine on regular loads if you watch for pressure signs on the high end of powder charges.

I had some decent results with the new powder/primer combinations with several different calibers and bullets. I also had some that I didn't care for much!

With the Savage 110FLP 25/06,I loaded up some 100gr Sierra Matchking bullets,and 100gr Sierra Gameking bullets.

The Matchkings didn't care much for this powder/primer combination at all,and most groups were over an inch.
The Gamekings had 2 different loads that shot decent,but nothing to brag about.
These are at 100 yards.


Txhillbilly 04-05-2013 03:51 AM

The 6.5 Creedmoor is easily becoming one of my favorite rifles. This thing shoots very good,and is just plain fun!

While not every group was good,I did find at least 1 usable load with every combination,except one.
I only shot 3 shot groups with the 6.5CM and 260 Rem,I didn't want to waste more bullets with these test since they are hard to get right now.

This first combination was with a Hornady 100gr Soft Point.
H4350 powder-Tula LMR primer-Hornady case-2.745" OAL
40.5gr = .910" group
41.5gr = .742" group
42.5gr = .506" group
43.5gr = .412" group
44.5gr = .930" group

Next set using Varget powder
36.5gr = .889" group
37.5gr = .323" group
38.5gr = 1.115" group
39.5gr = 1.405" group
40.5gr = .833" group
I don't know why the 3rd-4th group opened up so much,but they did.


Txhillbilly 04-05-2013 04:09 AM

Next I tried some Remington 120gr Core-lokt bullets. These didn't shoot very well out of this gun,except one load.
120gr Core-lokt bullets-Tula LMR primer-2.745" OAL

Varget powder-
36.0gr = .689" group
37.0gr = .482" group
38.0gr = 1.289" group
39.0gr = 2.377" group
40.0gr = 3.479" group This was showing pressure signs!

H4350 powder-
41.0gr = 1.342" group
42.0gr = 1.006" group
43.0gr = 3.011" group I don't know what happened here?
44.0gr = 1.583" group
45.0gr = .870" group

Up next were the Sierra 140gr Gamekings trying out the Hybrid 100V powder and Tula LMR primers. 2.675" OAL
37.0gr = .802" group
38.0gr = .496" group
39.0gr = .589" group
40.0gr = .560" group
41.0gr = 1.024" group


Txhillbilly 04-05-2013 04:20 AM

Then I shot the Berger 140gr VLD's with the Hybrid 100V powder and Tula LMR primers. 2.877" OAL
All but the last set shot great.
37.0gr = .446" group
38.0gr = .441" group
39.0gr = .374" group
40.0gr = .535" group
41.0gr = .966" group
You'll notice there's only 2 holes in the 39.0gr target,but look close,and you'll see that two bullets went thru the bottom hole. It's just a little bigger than the top hole.


Txhillbilly 04-05-2013 04:50 AM

The DPMS LR-260H was next,and I love shooting this weapon. Since it has a lighter weight and shorter barrel-20",it isn't a tack driver,but I do have some 1/2 moa loads developed with it.

I tried out the Hornady 100gr Soft Points out,but they didn't do too good with this rifle.
H4350 powder-Hornady 100gr SP-Winchester LR primer-2.750" OAL
42.0gr = 1.414" group
43.0gr = 1.036" group
43.5gr = 2.009" group
44.0gr = 1.156" group
45.0gr = 1.451" group

H4831 powder-
46.0gr = .951" group
47.0gr = 1.090" group
47.5gr = 1.331" group
48.0gr = 1.027" group
48.5gr = 2.019" group

Next I tried the Remington 120gr Core-lokt bullets.
H4350 powder-120gr Core-lokt bullets-Winchester LR primer-2.780" OAL
43.5gr = .620" group
44.5gr = .566" group
45.0gr = 1.494" group
45.5gr = .570" group
46.5gr = 2.206" group This showed pressure signs!

H4381 powder- All of these groups were poor!
47.0gr = 2.019" group
48.0gr = 1.494" group
48.5gr = 1.554" group
49.0gr = 2.175" group
50.0gr = 1.335" group


Txhillbilly 04-05-2013 05:19 AM

Up next with the LR-260 was the Sierra 140gr Gamekings. I love Sierra Gameking bullets,no matter what the caliber,these bullets always seem to shoot very good.You just have to find the sweet spot for the great loads,and I've found one for this rifle.
Hybrid 100V powder-Winchester LR primer-Sierra 140gr Gameking bullet-2.765" OAL
37.0gr = 1.074" group
38.0gr = .894" group
39.0gr = .235" group Now we're talkin!!!!
40.0gr = .575" group
41.0gr = .601" group

I've tried the Hornady SST bullets in several calibers,and I can't seem to find what they like. Maybe I'm just too picky,but if I cant make a bullet shoot under 3/4 moa,they just suck!
Hybrid 100V powder-Winchester LR primer-Hornady 140gr SST bullet-2.775" OAL
37.0gr = 1.462" group
38,0gr = 1.918" group
39.0gr = .978" group
40.0gr = 1.664" group
41.0gr = 1.062" group

Last up was the 7mm-08. I was trying the Hybrid 100V powder out with the Hornady 154gr SST's. Once again,shooting these type of bullets sucked!

Hybrid 100V powder-Tula LMR primer-Hornady 154gr SST bullet-2.903" OAL
43.0gr = .824" group
43.5gr = 1.410" group
44.0gr = 1.294" group
44.5gr = 1.688" group
45.0gr = 1.654" group
45.5gr = 1.105" group
46.0gr = 2.789" group Showed pressure signs!

All in all,I had a great and a very long day of shooting.I found several good shooting loads with some new components.
It just took me a week to do all of the measurements,and log everything down,plus a day of cleaning all the rifles. THB

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