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Jedusada 04-03-2011 06:20 AM

Springfield XD9 Full size
Hi guys first off I would like to say im new to these forums, and im a young shooter. I am 13 years old and just started shooting .380's and 9mm's and they are a great caliber to start off with in my opinion. I would like to start off saying about this gun that it was extremely accurate at 25 yards. It shoots a 9mm round and I believe the magazine held 9 rounds. The first thing i noticed when i picked up the gun and looked at it was the similarity of the glock. The grip was slanted to the back more opposing the straight grip of the glock. It was a lot more comfortable due to that, but yet still very similar. The looks and the feel were similar. On the grip is a thumb hole or slot whatever you want to call it(ambidextrous) with an (ambidextrous) magazine release. The slide squarish like the glock. I don't have the best grammar and I may be repeating myself sorry about that. I usually shoot at 25 yards because that's the farthest at the range. I do not have the best grouping, but I am working on it. I have pictures and please do not hate I said before I am only 13 still developing muscles. Another thing i would like to mention is the recoil is very small maybe due to the round(9mm).

mesinge2 04-03-2011 12:34 PM

Stop by the Introductions section when you get the chance and tell us all about you.
Here's the link:

Also, I think your writing is quite good. Better than some of the adults I've seen.
It is always good to see a young person being introduced to shooting sports for the first time.
If you don't mind me asking, who is training you?

Jedusada 04-03-2011 03:02 PM

Will do, i have a four people training me actually. Mostly it's my Dad but i have 2 retired Navy uncles and a retired Marine uncle who also guide me through shooting. They teach me mostly how i can improve my stance and take me whenever they can, I try to shoot weekly, but sadly it is an expensive hobby.

mesinge2 04-03-2011 03:18 PM

Its great that you have such a skilled bunch teaching you to shoot.
You said "I usually shoot at 25 yards because that's the farthest at the range. I do not have the best grouping, but I am working on it." .

One suggestion, I would start out shooting at closer distances first (such as 7 yards) and practice that distance until you are getting tight groups. Then you will notice that it has become easier to get better groups at the greater distances.

Jedusada 04-03-2011 03:23 PM

Thank you for the suggestion, but i have shot at about 10 yards and got a pretty reasonable grouping. I do not have the target anymore but they were about a 5-6 in grouping. I do plan on competing when i can, so I am trying to improve by shooting as far as possible. Of course 25 yards is already pretty far. I told this to my uncle and he told me just have fun right now worry about that later, so I cant really disrespect my uncle. I do shoot at 10 yards as a warmup before i hit 25 yards.

ktmboyz 04-03-2011 04:39 PM

That looks like some good shooting for 25 yds and being your age :cool:

When I was your age I did what ever odd jobs I could and saved up enough money to buy my first 22lr marlin. I still have it today and enjoy shooting it. I believe in your intro post you said you/ dad have a browning buckmark. I would pick up a brick of 22lr ammo and shoot the crap out of it and hone your shooting skills. It is fun shooting larger calibers but out of 30+ guns I own , I enjoy shooting my 22s the most and its dirt cheap..

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