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knfxda 06-10-2011 07:30 PM

Sig Sauer P229 & Taurus Millennium
Met a friend at the range who has a Taurus Millennium 9mm and I rented the SIG Sauer .40 P229.

Loved the SIG, was not a big fan of the Taurus. To be fair, other than being 9mm, the Taurus had nothing of what I am looking for - Full size, all metal gun with a long site radius that I shoot well.

Granted, the P229 is a compact, but it is 32oz to the Taurus' 18oz. The P229 is 1" longer with a barrel that is almost 3/4" longer. Don't know the site radius of the Taurus, but at 5.7", the P229 was much longer. The Taurus was much more concealable, but again, not what I'm looking for at this time.

The weight, site radius made all the difference in the world. Every dollar of th MSRP (2x of that of the Taurus) was apparent.

Put 45 rounds through this target @7yrds - 25 to the body, 20 to the head. Not sure what I did with the one low head shot at 6'oclock on the 7/8 line, though.

This was my first time shooting a .40 and also my 1st time using a Heine site. I still think I'll end up with a 9mm, rather than a .40 due to muzzle flip, but I was extremely impressed with how the P229 went right back on target.

Initially, I was less confident using the Heine site than a 3-dot site, but only because I was not totally sure of myself. Very happy with my results, though.

Oh, I should add... if money were no object, I think I would own the P226 9mm right now. Still need to shoot one of the CZ75 variants, which I plan on doing this weekend. Fingers crossed that I like it (at worst) almost as much as the SIG, since it is a lot less expensive.

knfxda 06-10-2011 07:35 PM

Here's my target with the Taurus Millennium. Not happy at all with the placement, but at least they are all along the mid-line of the body (including the one crotch-shot). :eek:


Didn't need to shoot more that 10 to know that it is not the gun for me.

mesinge2 06-11-2011 05:47 PM

Dude your comparing a SIG to a Taurus. Are you surprised? :D

Seriously, nice shooting with the SIG!

knfxda 06-12-2011 03:50 PM


Originally Posted by mesinge2 (Post 521256)
Dude your comparing a SIG to a Taurus. Are you surprised? :D

Seriously, nice shooting with the SIG!

Thanks! Yeah, it wasn't fair, but the only reason I shot the Taurus was because it was my buddy's gun.

Just realized that you can see a degree of tumble to the bullets shot by the Taurus. The bullet holes by the SIG are just so much cleaner.

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