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Yunus 04-04-2010 11:08 PM

Saiga .308
Pics to follow, but not of the target, I didn't take any. (my bad)

Had a chance to take the Saiga .308 20" barrel (maybe 21.5"). Overall I am very happy with the purchase. It is most definitely a SHTF gun and not a 300 yard tack driver but I was hitting a 6" circle at 90 yards with iron sights (from the bench). This Saiga has the conversion done on it, I bought it from the gun store this way so it was not NIB but it was new had the conversion done and then sold to me. This is probably why the iron sights were pretty much lined up when I first fired, I had to only adjust 1 click and I was on target.


Beautiful trigger, it was a surprise every time the gun fired. Not an oh S*** surprise but the trigger was soft and smooth throughout the pull.

Rear iron sight adjustment is great. I'll post pics later but it's a sloped bar on the rifle with a hinged piece of metal with a sliding sight on top. When you slide the sight forward it moves higher raising where your bullet hits, pull it back and it lowers.

Kick is not severe at all, I was expecting much more from the .308, my 30-06 bolt action kicks noticeably harder.

Ease of cleaning. This is where this gun or any AK I guess really shines. It comes apart easy, cleans easy, goes back together.... not so easy( more on that in the cons)

Weight - I need to weigh this gun (I'll edit the post when I do) but it is pretty light and can be held steady from the standing position.


Build quality - although it might be great build quality for an AK styled gun, it's got lots of room for improvement and not even in the same league as an AR. Pieces all fit together but the tolerances are rather loose. Once you get the gun together everything is fine, nothing falls apart but it does make me appreciate the manufacturing process that goes into an AR or 1911 or Glock.

Reassembly - I'll post a picture later, but because of the conversion being done, the bolt assembly entry point when reassembling the gun is now directly on top of the trigger assembly. This means that you must press with enough force to hold the trigger down while inserting the bolt or as I have found, have a second person hold the trigger assembly down with a pen while you insert the bolt. Very annoying but only because the after market conversion was done. Not a big deal just an annoyance.

Safety - this kind of falls under build quality but I'm used to a very solid easy to determine it's position safety. The safety is just a really long metal arm that is to easy to be kinda on kinda off. I know you are always supposed to treat a gun as loaded but in this gun, I will never trust the safety. I know your never supposed to trust a safety but with this gun, I really will never use it.

If your looking for an inexpensive SHTF gun, this is definitely worth your consideration.

yesicarry 04-05-2010 12:00 AM

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Agree.. Had mine for almost 4 years. Always goes boom. Mine was NIB with Cosmoline wrapping and cleaning kit and manual in Russian. No conversion. But then again, don't want it..
Back then they were $369.00..Got a 3X9 scope on it now. Used for 150 to 400 yd. shots. And still loving it.

Yunus 04-07-2010 08:04 PM

Here are the pics
You can see the mark the safety digs into the frame.
The iron sight adjustment for height.
My complaint about the conversion is visible in this one and the next.

Ruzai 04-08-2010 10:18 AM

Very nice report Yunus. About how much did you pay for your post-conversion Saiga? I figure it would be more than the pre-conversion you see on the interenet. Never actually seen on of these in the store that wasnt in a shotshell version.

Yunus 04-08-2010 11:17 AM

Out the door $700.
That is a big price tag for that gun, however it's not a bad price for my area. MD is just more expensive because of the transfer fee and limited FFL's in the area. I think on the internet you can probably find the 308 for $399. The conversion would have cost about $150. That's why it didn't make sense for me to buy online, add in shipping $35 and transfer fee $50 and Maryland State police fee $10 and I'm right back up to Maryland pricing to begin with.

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