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JTJ 03-02-2012 09:16 PM

Recoil observation?
I was at the range this morning with my G36 shooting at 7 yards with 230 grn 45 acp. The G36 weighs in at 20 oz empty and 27 oz with 7 rounds on board. I can hold the 1st 3 shots pretty much center and then start climbing to the right. I am right handed. Starting with 6 on board, I can hold the 1st 2 rounds before I start climbing. I am thinking that since it is a very light pistol the recoil is pushing me up as it gets lighter. It seems to start rising at 24oz and I am only talking about a couple of inches of rise. My targets have a 5" black center and I am staying in the black. Does this sound reasonable? I can pretty much hold my heavier pistol center.

jpattersonnh 03-02-2012 10:22 PM

More times then not it is a combination of recoil indused muzzle climb and the fact the majority of handguns have a right twist and eject right, so you deal w/ more forces as the hangun becomes lighter. Many shooters fight the twisting of the handgun taking the shots high right. If you change your grip to support the left side more, it will dissapear. I had this issue w/ a Wilson Commander in .45acp. I changed the grips to Hogue wrap around w/ finger grooves and it all dissapeared.

JTJ 03-03-2012 12:10 AM

I did not have a problem when I was shooting a 45 that weighed 25 oz empty but at 20 oz empty this is the lightest 45 I have had. I noticed it shooting at clean targets and I am still holding a 3"to 4" group. I still get flyers when I screw up. My XD45c weighs more empty than my G36 loaded.

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