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SGT-MILLER 06-18-2009 12:07 AM

Range Report: Star Model B 9x19mm
Went to the range today to give my new Star (B) 9x19mm a little workout. I fired 70 rounds total (I didn't have much spare time), and the sidearm didn't have any problems whatsoever.

Here's an example of the typical results. This is an 8 round group at 15 yards. This pistol performs pretty good for being around 60 years old or so.

Dillinger 06-18-2009 12:20 AM

The hell?!?! I thought you Army guys could shoot?! Guess I am going to have to send a Marine over to see what that pistol is capable of. :D

That's a good group for 15 yards with a 60 year old gun and random ammo, but I don't think you have adjustable sights, do you??

What you gonna do now Sarge?? Trigger job? Better Ammo? More regular practice and see what you can tune it into??


SGT-MILLER 06-18-2009 12:28 AM

I'm gonna adjust the sights a little, and try some different types of ammo to see if I can tighten up the groups a little.

I'll continue to play around with it to see how close I can get those groupings.

Until then, I'll have to be satisfied with my satisfactory groupings. :(

Dillinger 06-18-2009 12:32 AM

How's the trigger pull Sarge?? Does it have a lot of take up? How's the break?

The groupings are good - and if you aren't used to shooting 1911 style triggers, but rocker style triggers, you are probably just getting used to the different feel.

I am betting if the trigger is good, then you just need some more trigger time.

Nothing wrong with those groups at 15 yards - :D

SGT-MILLER 06-18-2009 12:42 AM

The trigger on this handgun is a rocker style. That is one of the key differences between the Star models and the true 1911 models.

Another difference is the fact that there is no grip safety (it felt a little weird gripping a 1911 style pistol with no grip safety).

The trigger is decent, but I can tell there is some very, very slight inconsistencies with the pull between each shot.

Gojubrian 06-18-2009 01:44 AM

I reckon you cn hit a BG with that!! :D

Dillinger 06-18-2009 03:09 AM


Originally Posted by SGT-MILLER (Post 118850)
The trigger on this handgun is a rocker style.

That is a surprise. Are you saying that is a rocker trigger!??! :eek:

I change my opinion - dump it, sell some plasma and get a bottom of the line Kimber. That is a true platform...

I'm willing to let the 9x19 slide as you are a military guy on a budget, but honestly, every Alpha Male DESERVES a true 1911 in .45 ACP.


PS - You know what, I just looked at the thread and I am willing to chip in $100 to your Kimber Only purchase BECAUSE you are serving this great country. When you are ready, let me know, your contributions to the forum and your level or service DEFINITELY qualifies for a Dillinger Household "Military Enhancement" addition to the arsenal or lifestyle...

JD ( again )

CA357 06-18-2009 03:23 AM

That's pretty acceptable shooting for an unfamiliar pistol, unfamiliar trigger break and it's first outing.

Not meaning to be a smart azz, but did you field strip, clean and lube it first?

Try some different types and brands of ammunition in it before you do anything too drastic.

It's a good pistol, no ftf's or fte's either. You just have to figure out the correct JuJu to make it run right for you. ;)

SGT-MILLER 06-18-2009 03:37 AM

I gave it a quick cleaning. The pistol was pretty gunked up from the prior owner, so I dumped a decent amount of oil into it beforehand.

The pistol was about 80 percent clean at this range visit.

JD, you are the man for making that offer. It's going to be awhile before I can even think about putting a Kimber (or even something like a Taurus 1911) on layaway. That is just the reality of being an E-6, the sole bread winner of the family, and having lots of mouths to feed, and bills to pay.

I'll have to make do with what I've got (which I can't complain, is plenty - it could be worse, I could have nothing).

You'll see a super happy post from me the day I can take home a true 1911 platform, believe :)

Angrypoonani 06-18-2009 10:56 PM

it don't look like a rocker trigger... surprising. I'd say if you were caught in a fight with it at 7-15 yrds you'd be fine! ;) though I wouldn't carry it that thing is a nice piece to add to your collection.

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