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Megaton 04-30-2009 08:49 PM

Range report: Springfield milspec 1911
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First impression, it looks and feels great! First 1911, have wanted one for several years and always assumed I could not afford one. Originally went to the shop looking for something in .45 and had my eye on the glock 21 but wasn't happy with selection/prices so we went to another shop. Selection here was awful, only 6 months before I had seen at least 40-50 handuns, post election they were wiped out. Maybe 20 handguns, that would be generous. However when I saw the pistol I almost could not believe it. Exactly what I wanted, a milspec 1911. And from a reputable manufacturer, at this point I am very happy the first shop did not have what I was looking for. But enough of that. :D

Case is the nicest out of all the handguns I own. Not a huge selling point to me but something I do consider somewhat. As far as the actual gun, exactly what I expected, slide is nice and tight, fit and finish is good, overall the gun feels very solid.
I have been waiting to do this writeup until I was able to test the pistol in enough to give it the green light as a self defense option or decide it needed work to get there.

When I first broke the gun down I was shocked at the ease of takedown. You could argue its easier to take down than my glock. Fit and finish of internals appears to be of good quality as far as I can tell.

First time at the range I struggled with it. It fed the 230 grain FMJ ammo without a problem, I just could not shoot it worth a damn. Over the course of a few range trips my groups progressively got smaller and smaller. Nothing to write home about, but I am the weak link here. I believe from a bench this gun could do some nice groups. Today at the range I had a 7 shot 6-8" group from over 50 yards from a semi prone position. I say semi because I forgot to bring the cardboard so I was laying on dirt. Not going to get as low as I can on the bare earth. ;) The group was close to the one I did with my sks. Im pretty sure the pistol is slightly more accurate than the rifle. That really impressed me.

I made a post about the pistol not feeding wwb jhp ammo. I should have waited to post until I actually tried to shoot it. Ammo fed fine. About 1/3 of the time with a full mag and no round chambered the first round would hang up. After that the remaining 6 rounds in the mag fired without a problem.

Overall I am very happy with my purchase. I paid 640otd which I believe is an average to good price in my area. The pistol is exactly what I wanted. And if I get the itch for some of the bells and whistles this platform has to offer I have a perfect building block to start with. The pistol is exactly what I want right now. ;)

Megaton 04-30-2009 08:53 PM

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a few more pics

Megaton 04-30-2009 09:01 PM

I put on the cheapo plastic grips because I did not like the wood ones. They were very nice, I just did not like them. ;) I am somewhat kicking myself in the ass for not picking up some real nice grips for it at the gunshow there was a guy who had a very nice selection of quality grips.

Only thing I am considering replacing anytime soon is the guide rod, other than that everything is good for a while. If I was going to carry it I would get some better sights. For my needs the sights are fine.

This was long overdue. There has been some mixed feelings about this particular model on this site and I have not read any reports on it, maybe I am just not looking hard enough? I am happy to report that my Springfield milspec 1911 is a great, reliable pistol. Whether it be for a plinker, self defense, or a starter 1911.

PS forgot to mention factory mags seem to be good, at least for this gun. Feed FMJ and JHP reliably. I have roughly 300 rounds through the gun and have no problems to report. The gun is probably not even fully broken in yet either. :D I will update when I have more rounds down pipe.

Minionsram 04-30-2009 10:15 PM

Glad to hear that. Did it come with one or 2 mags? And did you get a coupon for extra mags at a cheaper price?

Megaton 05-01-2009 12:41 AM

2 mags and yes. :D I almost missed the coupon, didn't notice it for over a month after I bought it. Luckily its good for 90 days. Going to load up on mags for it.

Anybody have experience with the mags? Specifically the 10 rounders, I am thinking about picking some up but want to know if they sit flush like the 7 rounders or how much do they stick out?

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