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Megaton 02-11-2010 07:00 PM

Range Report/Review: Savage MKII G
Ive been blessed with some pretty decent weather the last week and have taken advantage. Ive managed to put 750+ rounds through my latest purchase, a Savage MKII G. It is the slimmer barrel with fixed iron sights and wood stock. Comes with one 10 round magazine (which actually holds 11).

Mounted a cheap Tasco 3-9x50 Buckmark scope from walmart on it with weaver high rings and weaver #45 bases. After it was all said and done I spent a total of $250.

After 3 range trips I have been very happy with the performance. The accutrigger is very impressive. For a stock trigger on a $200 firearm its amazing how good this trigger is. Adjustment is simple, you only have to remove two bolts to remove the stalk and thats it. Use the included tool to make the adjustment. After experiencing a light trigger pull I now realize that I need to get trigger work done on all my firearms! What a world of difference. My MKII has virtually no pretravel, overtravel, breaks clean and it resets cleanly and smoothly. The pull is supposed to be around 2# according to the manual.

As far as accuracy and reliability go, again this rifle has been most impressive. At 25 yards using my hood for a rest it will make one hole 5 shot groups. At 50 yards the best Ive managed so far is half an inch from bags. It should be noted that all I have put through it thus far is bulk ammo, can't wait to try some good ammo to see what she can really do.

Of the three ammo types I have tried, Federal 550 bulk packs perform the worst. The majority of the time I will get a decent 3 shot grouping and then 2 flyers. Some of the flyers this ammo has produced are 2"+ off. I believe this to be the ammo's fault and not the rifles. Based on how the other two rounds I have tried perform.

Next up I tried Federal 325 bulk ammo. This performed much better. Still some flyers but not nearly as far off as the 550. Best group out of the 5 was a 3/4" 5 shot group at 50 yards off bags with a novice shooter.

The favored round was Win 333 bulk. Of the 5 groups, the worst was a 1 5/16" with the best 4 of that group being 5/8". The other 4 groups were all right around 1".

Overall the rifle has performed quite well. With a novice shooter, a cheap scope and a $200 rifle the groups I am getting at 50y are very impressive to me. I never realized punching paper could be so fun!

Reliability wise, I have not had a single malfunction of any kind. Couldn't ask for more.

Megaton 02-11-2010 07:17 PM

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Also it is worth noting that I have not seen any degrade in accuracy with extending firing in spite of the slimmer barrel.

2thewolves 09-01-2010 03:46 PM

I have a heavy barrel synthetic stock MKII and am also impressed with it. Haven't spent much time on the range with it, but did try about 9 types of ammo. The groups moved with each type of course, but none were any better than bulk ammo. I was surprised with that as I'd heard so much about 22's being finicky about ammo choice. Guess I'll just save some cash and continue to use the bulk federal stuff.

bgeddes 09-02-2010 12:36 AM

My Mk II FSS shoots better with better ammo than the 333 bulk stuff. It likes CCI Standard Velocity, Federal Auto-match, and Wolf Match.

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