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JoshX3Magazine 06-20-2009 11:16 AM

Range Report: GSG-5 .22lr
I've been promising this for a while but deadlines at work have kept me pretty swamped lately. After writing pretty much all the time, relaxing by writing some more didn't seem ideal. ;)

One other thing...this is my "first time." I've never written a range report for you guys (and gals) before so, you gentle. Let me know how I do so I can do it better next time.


Finally got to take some time and crack open a box of .22 longrifle ammo and break the seal on this GSG-5 I bought like 2 months ago. :)

Time: 5pm

Location: family land

Weather: Garbage. Misty, intermittent rain, temps in the muggy sixties. I literally set up targets and shot between spurts of rain before finally giving up and just getting rained on.

Range Setup: 1 sturdy folding 8 foot table and a folding chair, securely placed on a flat, level concrete pad.

Ammunition: Federal .22 longrifle, high velocity 36 grain copper plated hollowpoints, with a muzzle velocity of 1,280fps at the muzzle.

Weapon Setup: Semiautomatic German Sport Guns GSG-5 MP5 lookalike chambered in .22 longrifle. Solid stock, 16 inch barrel. 1, 22-round magazine (as supplied from the factory). Upgraded with H&K claw scope mount, raised to allow use of iron sights and a Leapers Tactedge red/green dot sight.

After loading the factory magazine with 20 rounds of ammunition (somewhat of a chore I might add), I fired the entire magazine at a distance of 10 yards utilizing the iron sights, essentially to familiarize myself with the weapon, its trigger pull, recoil and to ensure proper function.

As it is a .22, needless to say recoil is non-existent. The weight of the gun goes a long way towards helping keep the muzzle and front sight on-target for quick follow-up shots. Shooting slowly at ten yards from a seated position supported by the table, with open sights I was able to put all 20 rounds into a group smaller than my fist. The GSG-5 performed flawlessly, with no failures to function of any kind.

Reloading the magazine, it was time to sight in the red/green dot. Only one magazine was needed to get the holes in target right where I wanted them at 10 yards. A second magazine was expended getting the hits back on the dot at 25 yards, again a simple process.

Once the rifle and its sight were sighted in, another magazine was fired simply to enjoy the rifle and further learn its traits. The trigger pull, though not exactly "match-grade," is smooth and easily learned, allowing groups to remain tight and consistent even when fired from a standing, unsupported position. As I learned the rifle's trigger pull and got used to it, my groups got tighter and tighter. The most time-consuming and arduous part of the entire evening's shooting was loading the magazine. GSG would make a great deal of friends simply by supplying more than one magazine with rifles sold in the future, because as the rifle kicks so little and shoots so darn good, the magazine tends to go from full to empy VERY quickly. I have every intention of purchasing extra magazines for mine as soon as I have the extra funds laying around, and I'm also considering swapping the solid stock for the telescopic, folding model.

The GSG-5 rifle is, all-in-all, a stellar little rifle. It looks awesome, handles identically to an MP5 and shoots accurately. At no time during my nearly 100 rounds fired in the muggy temperatures and rainy weather did I experience a single mechanical problem with the rifle. The best word I can think of to describe the GSG-5 is "Fun!" It's light, accurate, reliable, attractive and just plain fun to shoot. It's not the cheapest .22 plinker on the market as it runs around 500 bucks, but for the money it's a great buy in my opinion.

Manufacturer: German Sport Guns

American Distributor: American Tactical Imports
Website: American Tactical Imports

Retailer from which I purchased my GSG-5: Kingdom Arms, Marshville, NC
Website: (built by yours-truly, I might add...)

Gojubrian 06-20-2009 07:52 PM

Nice weapon and nice write up. Thanks for sharing! :)

skullcrusher 06-20-2009 09:03 PM

Very nice report, Josh. The only problem is that now I want one. :)

Slawth 06-28-2009 06:16 PM

That is a great range write up- thanks.

I have been ogling one at the local shop for a while. It is good to hear it is as fun as it looks.

Shotgun Shooter 06-28-2009 06:44 PM

Very nice! I'm a fan of 22LR, just not the low quality of some ammo. Nice report! I want one, too. :)


w_houle 06-30-2009 01:52 AM

This looks like a fun shooter... How far out can you go with it?

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