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JeffCooper 09-26-2011 01:18 PM

Range Report: Colt AR15
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MODEL Colt CR6724

NAME Colt Accurized Rifle (CAR)

Mods: Harris bi-pod, Magpul PRS, Aftermarket grip, NCstar scope (no docs, no model number)...but it lights up green inside!

Range: Knight Shooting Sports

Distance: ~50yds

Ammo: Mix-n-match Norinco .223 ($5 a box!), Remington .223
This was my first serious outing with my new AR-15, which I'd recenty purchased with hopes of competitive target shooting. However, I needed to see how we matched up.

Forgiving, easy to handle precision sewing machine. A little heavy. This rifle shoots way better than I do.

My first go was 30 rounds aimed at the exactly at the center bull. I needed to adjust 4" up an and 4.5 left right. I didn't care. I was having fun. Finally, you can see adjustments first up, then across. Without understadning the scope it was hard. My last shot was 1/3" high of the bull. Changed clips and stitched the left hand and upper-right bulls in essence: "FFE" (Fire for Effect)

I figured I was pretty much on the money and was really more interested in sending some lead down range and getting to know my gun. I'm still sighted high, but I didn't mess with it. A few more pics.

Summary; "Charlene" and I get along very well. The rifle fires without jams or feed issues. It's easy to adjust, comfortable to fire, and kicks no harder than a new born stretching his legs. Great weapon and I've got a keeper here.

I just need to learn to shoot better and get outdoors when I can get some practice in at a few hundred yards.

JeffCooper 09-26-2011 01:22 PM

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After these, the shotty and 9mm subcompact came out. Later last night after cleaning all my weapons, I started to put a few pieces together for my "build". RRA parts in a Palmetto lower. More on that in the appropriate areas!

canebrake 09-26-2011 01:23 PM

I likes me some Colts!

Looks like a great first time out with a new gun.

That's minute of badguy in anyone's book!

Snakedriver 09-26-2011 01:36 PM

I'd say that's just what you want it to do. Not bad at all especially considering the mix-n-match ammo used. Now get us some pictures of your groups at 100 yards. Don't be surprised if your 50 yard zero is about an inch or so high at 100, that's ok it'll be back down where you want it at about 225 yards. :cool:

JeffCooper 09-29-2011 07:01 AM

Thanks guys. We had a heck of a good day.

Big excitement here - my upper shipped and is due Friday. Can't wait to snap that tack driver in!

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