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TacticalSenior 03-18-2012 09:06 PM

PX4 9mm & XD .40 - thumb knuckle bleed
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Got out to Reeds Indoor Range today and rented the Beretta PX4 and the XD .40. In my range report last week I mentioned I had made my mind up that the PX4 would be my 9mm purchase and that it was time to do the research for my .40 purchase.

Last week I watched a couple of hickok45 videos on YouTube. He mentioned how he likes a clean slide. That got me thinking about my choice of the PX4 because the slide is not as clean as the M&P and Glocks I have been shooting. I decided to give the PX4 another spin today. So today after I loaded the first mag and went to rack the slide I stopped and really looked at the slide. I then hit the slide release instead of using my hand to rack it back. So for the 50 rounds I put through it today using a mag loaded with just 5 rounds I used the slide release each time. I really like the way the PX4 shoots, its appearance and the stock sights. I think I will wait on my 9mm purchase and go back through the Glocks and others I shot in the past before making my final decision on the 9mm purchase.

I did my annual eye exam last Monday and discussed with my Doc the issue I am having bringing the front sight into focus. I wear progressives. She told me I could go to bifocals or work to place my head in the right orientation to find the spot in the progression that will bring the ~ 18 inch distance into focus. She told me that range is the smallest area in my lens. So my range goals today beyond trying to work on basic mechanics included bringing the front site into focus consistently and giving another .40 cal model a spin.

I shot 50 rounds through the Springfield Armory XD .40. My impression is I would be happy to own one. Last week I shot the Glock 22 and M&P .40's. I would be happy to own either of those as well. So I am seeing a possible dilemma in being able to get to a final selection for my .40 cal purchase. I need to think through my evaluation matrix a bit more.

One thing became clear today I was not gripping the XD correctly, nor the Glock or M&P last week. For that matter I have probably been gripping all of them wrong. Last week my thumb knuckle took a beating putting 50 rounds through the Glock and 50 through the M&P. I thought it was just the result of the larger caliber. Today I started off with the XD and again my thumb knuckle took a beating and started to bleed. At that point I said OK I am doing something wrong and found a better way to grip the gun. I think prior to shooting the .40 cals the smaller calibers did not really hurt so I didn't realize my grip was bad. Anyway I am relearning everything after 25 years or so. Just the same I am having a blast figuring it all out!

I shot from the 10 yard distance and then placed a Shoot NC decal on and moved the target to the 7 yard distance for the XD and PX4. For the 22/45 I shot from the 15 yard and then the 7 yard.

If the weather is good next weekend I will hit the outdoor range with my Mosin 91/30 and Ruger 10/22, otherwise more pistol work indoors. I hope the week goes fast!

Linny 03-22-2012 02:48 PM

It is nice having choices! Did you know the PX4 comes in 40 and also 45? You could buy all three and make some nice matched book shelf ends! As long as the noses are pointing in no one would ever know they were different cal's!!

Vikingdad 03-22-2012 06:13 PM

I don't understand how you are holding the guns so your knuckle gets beat up? Can you show a pic of your grip?

BTW, where do you go for outdoor shooting?

TacticalSenior 03-24-2012 04:17 PM


Originally Posted by Linny (Post 748195)
Did you know the PX4 comes in 40 and also 45?

I did not know that but I do now thanks!

TacticalSenior 03-24-2012 04:52 PM

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Originally Posted by Vikingdad (Post 748363)
Can you show a pic of your grip?

BTW, where do you go for outdoor shooting?

I was speaking about my second thumb knuckle (anchor knuckle). So here is photos using my 22/45. The first photo is similar to how I was gripping and the second is how I grip now. If you look at the knuckle you will see evidence of where I ripped off the skin. With the gun rotated in my hand for the new grip I have less trigger finger available so just my fingertip is on the trigger. In the old grip I tended to put too much of my trigger finger through the trigger guard. I like the new grip better and seem to be squeezing the trigger more now rather than jerking.

The only outdoor range I have been to is Los Altos Rod and Gun Club. Been there several times.

Vikingdad 03-25-2012 05:01 AM

Is your hand oddly shaped or something? Not trying to offend or anything but if you have a hand like a lobster claw or a catcher's mitt it can cause issues like that. Your pics seem to show that your thumb rests higher or something, maybe it is just the way you are holding it.

I would go in and get my 22/45 to look at my grip but the wife is in bed and I've had a beer or two. Not gonna open the safe and handle a gun under the circumstances.

I live a couple of miles away from LAR&GC and I go there quite often. My best friend is a lifetime member so I can call him up and go virtually any time. I avoid the public days though.

TacticalSenior 03-25-2012 05:29 AM


Originally Posted by Vikingdad (Post 750986)
Is your hand oddly shaped or something?

No I think it was the angle and distance of the camera. No offense taken. I have been watching a few Todd Jarrett youtube videos and I think I have a better handle on the grip now. I will give it a spin in the morning.

Nice arrangement you have for the LAR&CC.

Vikingdad 03-25-2012 05:50 AM

I seem to recall I had a similar thing happening with my thumb when I started shooting semi-autos. I don't remember why though. I have big skinny hands. Hmm.

The arrangement is with my friend. As a lifetime member he can shoot any time any day of the week with a limit of 4 or 5 guests, and I can come along as his guest along with my two boys. It is really nice to be able to have the whole place to yourselves.

TacticalSenior 03-25-2012 06:21 PM


Originally Posted by Vikingdad (Post 751027)
I seem to recall I had a similar thing happening with my thumb when I started shooting semi-autos.

Well I just got back from Reed's. I fired the Beretta PX4 Storm and the Glock 34. I have a much better grip now and plan to stick with it. So that takes care of one of the fundamentals. Now I need to work on stance, sight alignment and trigger manipulation / control. Oh yes breathing too in support of the other fundamentals. :)

Nice on the range access. A lot less distractions I expect. Cool.

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